DEVIL'S IVY | My Love for Pothos


Since falling in love with plants around spring 2019 I've been buying a ton.. maybe too much? No just kidding, you can never have enough plants. But one of my favourites by far is the pothos, it's incredibly easy to grow because it's resilient, doesn't need a ton of light or water and will do just fine if left alone for long periods of time.

variegated pothos

My Variations

I have two different variations of pothos, I believe I have a Silver Satin pothos (Exotica) and a Golden pothos but please correct me if I'm wrong in the comments! The Silver Satin pothos has a variegated silver and green heart-shaped leaf, some of the leaves can be almost entirely speckled with silver, but also some of the leaves are only half speckled, it just depends. The Golden Pothos also have green variegated leaves but with a splash of almost gold colouring. They both really appeal to me and it's clear that I definitely love anything variegated, especially with white/silver colouring.

golden pothos

Trailing up or down?

Pothos are a trailing vine so they'll grow nice and long and can be trained to "climb" along your wall with help from some supports in the wall like a hook or nail. For me currently, all my pothos are just in pots and they are trailing down them, but I would love in the future to have them hanging and help the vines along a wall, that's a dream come true!

propagated pothos


One of my favourite parts about the pothos is how easy they are to propagate. They root very easily once cut and put into water, I have mine rooting in about less than two weeks generally and once I decided the roots are long enough I plant them in soil. I seem to have good success with it because I always add a little bit of plant food to the water so they can get nutrients that they aren't getting from not being in soil. I've been using the Green Thumb organic plant food from Ivory & Iron and in fact, not just the pothos but all my plants absolutely love it.

propagated pothos

Are they safe for pets?

Be aware that pothos is dangerous to animals if they're consumed. The leaves have crystals that will have a burning sensation in your pet's mouth, causing them to drool and vomit. They penetrate the soft tissues in their mouth, throat and stomach which can cause their throats to swell up. So if you know that your pets do like to chew on your plants, I don't recommend it unless you're positive you can keep them away. I have two cats but they couldn't care less about my plants thankfully.

Do you have a favourite variation of pothos? Let me know in the comments!