SPOOKY SEASON | Lowe's Halloween Sneak Peek


I was sitting in the parking lot across and noticed Lowe's had Halloween blow-up lawn ornaments and had to pop in and take a look. I've never really considered places like Lowe's for Halloween items but I was very surprised!

Their prices are a little higher but as is the quality of the items. So many cute things that make noise or move which is super fun! I always enjoy pushing them and then panicking when they're way too loud for a quiet store haha!

The had adorable skeleton bodies to place candy bowls on top of, bat garland, giant festive wreaths, and a giant spooky tree with hanging lights!

These lights are one of my favourite things for Halloween. They project photos onto your wall that moves around and I think that's such a cute and easy way to decorate the whole outside of your house in minutes! Nightmare Before Christmas seems to be really big this year and I am so down for that, it's one of my favourite movies! I think for my Halloween party I'll be grabbing a set of the ghost ones and projecting those onto the ceiling and walls!

They had so many great Halloween decor and some pretty large pieces too for a good price! Overall I was really surprised with it, and I have a feeling this is just the beginning of things they'll be getting in. I did pop into Walmart to check it out because from what I've seen the USA has full aisles already but unfortunately we do not over here in Canada yet. I'll be checking back in in a few weeks to see it all when they do! 

Look how big this guy is for a surprisingly low price! If I had a yard to put him in you better bet I would be! They even had bigger ones that would tower over everything! Also, peep that adorable haunted house entrance you can walk through!