SPOOKY SEASON | Lowe's Halloween Sneak Peek


I was sitting in the parking lot across and noticed Lowe's had Halloween blow-up lawn ornaments and had to pop in and take a look. I've never really considered places like Lowe's for Halloween items but I was very surprised!

Their prices are a little higher but as is the quality of the items. So many cute things that make noise or move which is super fun! I always enjoy pushing them and then panicking when they're way too loud for a quiet store haha!

The had adorable skeleton bodies to place candy bowls on top of, bat garland, giant festive wreaths, and a giant spooky tree with hanging lights!

These lights are one of my favourite things for Halloween. They project photos onto your wall that moves around and I think that's such a cute and easy way to decorate the whole outside of your house in minutes! Nightmare Before Christmas seems to be really big this year and I am so down for that, it's one of my favourite movies! I think for my Halloween party I'll be grabbing a set of the ghost ones and projecting those onto the ceiling and walls!

They had so many great Halloween decor and some pretty large pieces too for a good price! Overall I was really surprised with it, and I have a feeling this is just the beginning of things they'll be getting in. I did pop into Walmart to check it out because from what I've seen the USA has full aisles already but unfortunately we do not over here in Canada yet. I'll be checking back in in a few weeks to see it all when they do! 

Look how big this guy is for a surprisingly low price! If I had a yard to put him in you better bet I would be! They even had bigger ones that would tower over everything! Also, peep that adorable haunted house entrance you can walk through!

HALLOWEEN EVERYDAY | Too Fast Clothing Haul


I recently purchased a backdrop and light set up (here) as well as a phone tripod with a ring light (here) and was very excited to try it out so I figured why not turn it into a mini clothing haul from Too Fast Clothing! All these items were sent to me from the company but the opinion is my own!

 When I first ordered these hoops I didn't realize how big they really were, they definitely make a statement! These are the Strange and Unusual Hoops (here). They are 3.5" x 3.5" round, one says strange and the other says unusual! It's from the movie Beetlejuice which is one of my all-time favourites so I knew I needed these in my life!

 This slouchy tank top is the Satan Says tank (here), in size medium for reference. It's a loose and low cut tank with extra-low armholes and is great for hotter days when all you really want to wear is a bandeau. 

At first, I was a little unsure about this bathing suit because I had never worn anything like it so it was a bit out of my comfort zone for sure. It's actually incredibly comfortable and could be worn as a bathing suit or definitely as a skirt or top alone during the summer days! This is the Moon & Stars Bustier Bikini (here) and I'm wearing a size small. It is a bit small on me in the waist because it does sit higher but I am a petite small so I usually do have this problem. The bust does fit true to size and is 34". 

Last but not least we have the Damask Bat Skater Dress (here) in a size small. It's described as a fit and flare dress with an A-line skirt made from nylon and spandex so it's incredibly comfy and hangs comfortably. Damask is one of my favourite patterns and bats are my favourite animal so what more could I want! 

I had a lot of fun with this little photoshoot and will definitely have more coming in the future! Check out www.toofastonline.com for a ton more spooky designs!


I've been really sitting down and thinking about what I wanted to post and then it dawned on me, why am I not posting about what I LOVE? It doesn't have to be that deep and initially, when I started this blog back in 2012 it was just about things that I loved. So here we are!

As a Halloween obsessed gal living in Calgary, Alberta I always have a wee bit of jealousy towards the USA for how much Halloween items they get and how QUICKLY they get it! This idea is entirely inspired by people posting on twitter of the amazing Halloween items that I get to see through their eyes, and very mainly inspired by The Spooky Vegan for always posting sneak peeks at stores when they release their Halloween stuff. I wanted to be able to provide that for Canadian Halloween enthusiasts! 

The other night I went out with my boyfriend after work to a few of my favourite spots to look for Halloween decor, the first two places were Homesense and Winners which I figured I'd just combine because they do have some of the same items and are the same company. 

First off, can we talk about their always amazing selection of proper home goods? You can bet that all of my kitchenwares are going to be spooky. These plates and bowls are to die for and are dishwasher and microwave safe so they're definitely something you could use in everyday life.

Here's a little peek at their acrylic bowl collection. I was very tempted to grab a few of these for my upcoming Halloween party but I did refrain for fear that they would inevitably just get broken anyway. Also, the amount of self-control I had to use when I saw those Trick and Treat mugs was way too much. I am such a sucker for spooky mugs, I'll definitely be showing you all my spooky mug collection.. those might just be included in that.

I told my boyfriend that I WAS NOT going to buy any spooky mugs on this specific Halloween shopping trip.. but when I saw their bamboo spooky travel mugs you know I had to grab one! Peek that Mummy mug... I definitely already grabbed that earlier in the week.  

Little fun fact, I actually don't like skulls so unfortunately, I didn't grab anything related to that. But for those of you that do they have some really nice looking spooky wine and drinking glasses.

Now onto the home decor section. There are SO many pumpkins which I am a big fan of. I've been really attracted to orange items this year which apparently is lucky because there is a ton! The fabric pumpkins in the right bottom are so lush, and come in a bunch of different fabrics like velvet! PS. peek the boyfriend checking out a phone that makes noise! 

They also had LED light signs that said EEK and BOO, as well as the spooky "snow" globes! 

These chalkboard pumpkins were one of my favourite items. I've seen quite a few things that gave you the option of a Halloween countdown but they never went high enough which was a little disappointing when you start counting down the day after Halloween. With this pumpkin, you'd be able to count down all year round! 

Last but not least, some pets like to be festive too! Unfortunately, none of my pets like to wear costumes or little sweaters but if yours do they have great options, or maybe just a chew toy!

I hope you guys enjoyed scrolling through as much as I enjoyed creating this post. It's my first of many and I can't wait to show you more! If you had a favourite item or if there is a specific store I should check out? Let me know!