FLOURISH | My Plant Collection


As most people nowadays I too have gained an obsession with plants, most of the succulent variety but I also love big leafy plants. Keep in mind my collection would be a lot bigger but my boyfriend acts as if every time I bring home a plant it's an animal (because I definitely didn't just Snapchat him bunnies and then come home with two) and we're "running out of space". Keep scrolling to take a tour of my plants and hopefully, I get them all correct, if not please let me know!

First up in my little Pothos aka the Devil's Ivy, mine is pretty small right now but hopefully, in no time it will become a super long vine! Ideally, I want to place it on a shelf on a wall and then train the vines to go along it!

Next up I have an Aloe Haworthia, this one did have a very tall stem that flowered at one point almost immediately after I brought it home!

This is my Ivy plant, not sure what kind but I'm assuming an English Ivy plant. I have had it growing up lattice, as you can see it is growing up, but I had to bring it inside when there was a storm. Once my deck is complete from its little makeover it will be back out there and growing tall.


This is my big leafy plant which is a Golden Hosta, I'm very hopeful that it will start growing more leaves and become bushy!

To my surprise this actually a Gollum Jade tree that grows into a large tree about three feet tall and two feet wide. I had no clue until I stumbled across one at a local farmers market where they do have a very large one!

I almost forgot to add this one because it's hanging in my kitchen window, but it's called a String of Nickles and will grow downward similar to a vine.


This one is by far my most flourishing plant as it's about doubled in size since I had gotten it. It is a Senecio Barbertonicus, which apparently has little yellow flowers in the springtime!


These three little guys are all kinds of Echeverias, the second and third pictures are ones that had broken off of another plant and to my surprise have been growing on their own thankfully!

This is probably one of my favorites and it's a Calico Kitten Crassula, it's hard to tell from the photo but most of the leaves are heart-shaped and a lovely red colour, it flowers in the spring apparently which I have yet to see because I did get it after.

This little arrangement is black petunias as well as I believe silver sage? I'm a little unsure and google didn't give me the most help. Of course, I never keep any of the name tags that the plants come with, that would make too much sense haha!

Here we have the classic money tree, this guy has given me more problems when I "thought" I was actually taking care of it, it wasn't until I decided to kind of forget about it and put it on top of my china cabinet that it actually stopped losing leaves and now it's been just fine!

This planter has three different plants, being the black mondo grass, a sweet potato vine, and some black petunias. When I first got the sweet potato vine I hadn't even read what it was and just enjoyed the colour of the leaves, but soon after it started growing I realized it was actually a vine The Black Mondo Grass is another one of my favorites because of the colour and the fact that it spreads!

Since I do live in Calgary, Alberta and it gets to -30c they will all be coming inside once it gets chiller out and my living room will become a jungle, can't say I'm disappointed about that. I'll somehow have to bring the lattice in as well with the sweet potato vines.

What are your favourite plants?