RADIANCE | Duvolle Radiance Skin Care System


For quite awhile now I've been wanting to try to a face brush because I tend to have dry skin and sometimes exfoliating with a scrub doesn't do the job and it can be a little hard on my skin when I do it frequently. I also wear quite a bit of makeup and feel like sometimes my skin could be cleaner when I take it off before bed. I recently had the chance to try the Duvolle Radiance Skin Care System and I'm extremely happy with it!

The Radiance Skin Care System comes with four different attachments which include the facial exfoliating brush, a large body cleansing brush, a facial cleansing brush and a pumice stone. They're all easily interchangeable and attach by popping on and off.


 Both the exfoliating face brush and the cleansing brush are super soft and gentle on your skin, around my nose and cheeks can be very sensitive sometimes so I really appreciate that. The difference between the two brushes is that the exfoliating one has longer bristles and they're more densely packed and I definitely wouldn't recommend using the exfoliating brush to remove makeup.


I've found the large body brush super useful especially living in Calgary where, honestly, my skin can get so dry in the winter, so this helps to keep your skin nice and soft. For me I love putting a scrub on it to exfoliate really good but it does that job just fine on its own. The brush itself is made from super soft fibers so even if you have really sensitive skin you should be totally okay to use it! The pumice stone is also really great since it's spinning I kind you get better results faster.

If you are interested in the Radiance Skin Care Kit I've been generously provided a coupon code for you to use which is SONG70 for 70% off your order for anything on their website. For transparency this code is just for you and I don't receive anything from your orders!