A LOVE AFFAIR | Google Home


At first you might think that having a smart home is a little extra. Am I really that lazy that I can't get up and turn the lights on and off for myself? But I've actually found it super helpful! Of course if you're going to walk right by the light switch and then ask Google Home to turn it off I might judge you a little bit but honestly, live your best life.

Boxing Day sales have always been exciting but when my boyfriend and I saw that the Google Home Mini's were on sale we couldn't pass it up, and so began our adventure of turning our home into a smart home! Initially he picked up a Google Mini, a TP-Link smart light switch and a pack of two TP-Link smart plugs. But then after having everything set up we decided it would be nice to make everything smart so we picked up another Google Mini, two Geeni smart power bar, and two more TP-Link smart light switches. If your space is small enough you can definitely go with one Google Mini but we found it easier to have one in the bedroom and one in the living room because sometimes it wouldn't quite catch what we'd say because of where it was placed.

In the Bedroom we have a Google Mini on the side table, a light switch to control the ceiling lights, I have a power bar on my side which I have my bedside table, salt lamp and phone charger plugged in to, and then he just has a plug which his side table lamp is connected to. Then in the Living Room we have another Google Mini beside the TV, a power bar for two lamps, a plug for the lamp across the room beside the fish tank and then the two switches that control the ceiling lights.

Setting everything up is super easy other than installing the light switches because you do have to replace your normal ones with them but it is two wires so nothing that crazy. Usually it takes a couple seconds to a minute to connect a device, and the only issue we ran into was when we were trying to connect one of the light switches through wifi it has having troubles so we decided to leave it for the night but when we woke up it had connected just fine.

Overall I'm super happy with everything and having made our home smart has made things a lot easier. You can set schedules and routines with Google Home so now when it gets dark out we can have the lamps automatically turn on, when we say "It's bed time" Google will turn off all the lights and turn on our bedside tables, and then when we say "Good night" it turns off all lights and lamps and asks what time you'd like your alarm set for.
 Everything together cost us $280 and here's a little breakdown for all of you!

Google Mini x 2 = $80
TP-Link Smart Switch x 3 = $75
Geeni Smart Power Bar x 2 = $80
Two pack of TP-Link Smart Plug $45

That's pretty reasonable for nine different smart items and of course if you want more specific things like dimming light switches it gets a little more pricy. I think next we'll probably look into the smart thermostat so we can set that to a routine and when we're back home from work it'll turn on etc!