RECAP | Where Did I Go?


So you may have noticed that I had dropped off the face of my social media for the past few months, really after October 2017 I basically stopped completely. I closed the door of my office room and left all the packages in there unopened. I didn't mean to but I guess that's just how life goes sometimes.

I had just started a part time retail job at the mall and then a few months after that in November 2017 I was offered a full time job somewhere else which basically became my life. Go to work, come home and go to bed. Repeat.

My best friend, Payton, and I decided that we just simply couldn't do it anymore and that we were going to quit our jobs and open our own online consignment store which we launched mid August 2018. We called it Ampersand Consignment. Ampersand being the name for the "&" sign because we believe clothes shouldn't just end with one person, they deserve an "and, and, and", a continuation.

In September I ended my seven year relationship. I haven't said much about it anywhere, and I won't be other than this, but for me it was just time and these things happen. I'd been constantly living in a cycle of unhappiness with myself and it had to change. After my break up, I met a guy and started dating him. Although it was sudden sometimes you just have to close your eyes and jump because you never know what's going to happen, despite if people think it was too soon or not. They don't know my life or how I feel about anything, and so their opinions really don't matter much.

In November I finally changed my hair back to how it should be, my 1/4 white and 3/4 black split hair. I couldn't be happier and I feel so much more like myself now, it feels great. I plan to keep this for well, forever I guess. This will be the fourth(?) time I've gone back to it so clearly I'm a fan. I had been growing it out since a little past August 2016 and it was finally long enough and healthy now for me to be happy with it. But don't worry, I still plan to be my fabulous self and put my extensions back in for a little extra length and a lot of extra volume.

And now it's the beginning of December 2018. I'm 12 days away from my unfortunate 24th birthday which I'm hopefully going to just glaze over, 28 days away from a brand new year, and i'm happier than I've ever been. This year has been a roller coaster for sure but I finally feel like I just might be going in the right direction and finding happiness finally.

A little while ago I was rocking my black to silver hair extensions and I wanted to show you how I created this ombre myself at home! It wasn't hard and I didn't have to damage my hair at all to achieve these results!

I first started out with a set of VPFashion tape in extensions in their #613A blonde colour. I knew I didn't want to bleach a set of black extensions and go through a vigorous toning process and figured it would be much easier to colour them black and blend from there!

VPFashion has introduced their new invisible tape in extensions which have thin and invisible tape so they lay totally flat against your head! Personally I love that because I like to have a lot of extensions in and closer to the top of my head for maximum length and volume and don't have to worry about them showing through too obviously!

I headed to Sally's Beauty Supply and picked up a box of Color Brilliance dye in the shade 1NN, this is the colour I'm going to be using for the top half of the extensions and blending down to create the ombre.

You're also going to need a bowl for the dye, a toothbrush to help blend, a brush to apple the dye and gloves! I'm going to insert a video below of me applying the dye so you get a much better feel for how I achieved it than trying to explain how I blended it all together, I think it will be way more helpful!

See? Wasn't that WAY easier? Of course the video did explain the whole process but in case you missed anything or didn't want to watch it all, keep scrolling and I'll show you how I toned them!

I used a bottle of Wella T18 to tone out the blonde colour and make it more silver because I didn't really fancy the black to blonde ombre that was currently going on, like you can see in the photo below!

I applied the toner pretty liberally because I didn't want to miss any pieces and well.. just because haha, I have no excuses! I am definitely NOT a professional and have never claimed to be!

And here is the final results after the toner! I am absolutely in love with it and for being my first time ever trying to create an ombre I'm pretty proud of myself and my blending skills!

If by chance you wanted to get the same extensions I have a coupon code where you get $10 off if you use code MIMI, That helps you out and me! I hope this little tutorial helps you out and if you have any questions feel free to leave them down below and I'll get back to you!