Mary Kay TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares


 If you're like me you love skin care, especially when it has something special about it. I was kindly sent the new TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares and to pair with it the TimeWise Tone-Correcting Serum by Mary Kay Cosmetics!

The TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares are new and they're actually pretty cool. I love using vitamin C in my daily routine and these squares make sure I'm using it to it's full potential. Pure vitamin C degrades over time and loses it's power when it's exposed to air, light or water which happens as soon as I open the bottle of my vitamin C serum. Since these squares aren't activated until they're dissolved when you're ready to use them they don't lose their power over time.

To use the squares of vitamin C all you have to do is add a few drops of water to the palm of your hand and combine it with the vitamin C  and then mix it together until it dissolves. Once it's dissolved you add your serum into it to combine and ta-da you've got a super charger serum!

The toner that I decided to use with the vitamin C squares is the TimeWise tone-correcting serum. My skin is always uneven so I figured I should choose something that could help with that. This serum helps to get rid of past damage, skin discolouration, hyper pigmentation, dark spots and freckles with daily use.

It comes in a convenient pump bottle with 1 fl. oz. / 29 ml and is totally fragrance free which I appreciate when it's a product that is sinking into my skin.  You can purchase it for $48 CND on It says that it's suitable for all skin as it's oil-free which is great too.

The TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares come in packaging similar to blotting paper which  is nice because it keeps them all together nice and neat and is easy for travelling. They come with 12 squares individually packaged for $30 CND.

 Unsure why they used such large packaging for the squares as you can see they are actually the size that it states on the packaging and they are the only thing in them but I'm sure they have their reasonings.

Both items came on this adorable personalized board which I was so excited about because I've never had something come with my name on it before! But now that I've told you everything there is to know about the products let me tell you what I think about them!

The serum, when used alone, is a nice texture, doesn't have a smell and soaks into your skin pretty instantly and doesn't add any weight to it once it is soaked in. It has a slight silicone feel to it which makes it nice to spread evenly over your face. The vitamin C squares also don't have a scent and are pretty solid before they're dissolved. Once you add the drops of water they dissolve into a gel like feel and then I combine it with one full pump of serum into my hand. Once it's soaked in it leaves a slight almost plastic scent that you can only smell if you put your hand really close to your face and feels fairly weightless. I would give it a few minutes to totally absorb before applying anything overtop of it to make sure you don't get any weird pilling or textures.

Do you use a serum and vitamin C daily? Is this something that would make your day easier? I know it does mine!