Mary Kay Fall 2017 Colour Collection


Well, Autumn is here and that means Mary Kay Canada has released their Fall 2017 collection. As soon as I unboxed these items I fell in love, these are the exact colours that I am so obsessed with not to mention that fall is my favourite season so how couldn't I be obsessed with these?!

Lets start with the nail lacquer! They come in the colours Rose Blush, Pink Escape, and Violet Silk. They're lovely bold shades that really just cover so flawlessly with one or two coats which is a great plus for me because I can get really impatient waiting for each layer to dry. Each bottle contains 7.5 mL and costs $10.00.

This here is Rose Blush which is definitely my favourite colour of the trio because it's just dark enough but still staying in the nude family as far as I'm concerned. It's my go to colour for the season because I feel like it matches my favourite bag and shoes in the same colour family!

This is Pink Escape and it's a lovely light pink shade that's great if you want a nude colour that's a little more pink than a beige nude if that makes sense. It's a little light for my liking personally but works great as an accent nail! 

Last but not least we have the colour Violet Silk which is a beautiful dark plum and one of my favourites because it reminds me of a cold autumn day, it feels warm and cozy to me! I love dark nails, mostly black, so this is a great alternative to that.

Next we have the eye colour palettes which came in two different colour ways which are Simply Smokey and Rose Nudes! I love the fact that the colour palettes have different formulas in them which we'll dive into deeper below. Both palettes have five different colours, are 2.5g and cost $27.00 each. Each palette allows you to easily transition from a subtle day time look to a evening look!

Here we have swatches for Rose Nudes that have a satin, matte and pearl finishes to them which is great to have such variety in a compact palette. I swatched the colours from darkest to lightest here, I wish they had names so I could address them separately but as far as I'm aware they don't. I was pretty impressed with the formulas and these were only one swipe of my fingers straight from the palette without any primer beforehand. The colour payoff is great and they blend really flawlessly making them very easy to use and create great eyeshadow looks effortlessly.

Here is Simply Smokey which contains more purple shades than pinky nudes but some of them are still subtle enough for a day time look. Again they have five different shades in satin, matte and pearl finishes and these blend out just as nicely as the Rose Nudes palette!

Here we have two Lip Suedes in the colours Mulberry Muse and Rose Blush, they are super lightweight, transfer-resistant and they don't feather or bleed which is surprising to me because they are so buttery smooth. They are a semi-matte finish, contain 2g each and cost $19.00 each. They apply super easily and smoothly which makes them really great to just bring along and have on you to touch up during the day without too much hassle.

I can't even explain how happy I was to receive these because somehow they were both the exact perfect colours that I was hopeful for this season. They both are beautiful colours that will definitely pop all fall season long with any outfit and help dress it up.

Now I do have to add that I'm not the biggest fan of lipsticks because I find because my lips are too small to stay inside the lines easily, and I can't be bothered to carry around a lip brush with my lipsticks BUT these are ones I'd definitely consider. Mainly Rose Blush because the colour is super complimentary to me as you'll see in the photo below and applies so easily that it's not a hassle to apply or touch up if needed. I found that Mulberry Muse was a tad too rich for me personally to comfortably apply without hesitation of touch ups because I found that if it did go out of the lines a little bit you could really tell where as Rose Blush just seemed to melt into my skin colour and I didn't care as much.

Let me know what you thought of all the products down below in the comments! I think my absolute favourite is the Lip Suede in Rose Blush!