Light Therapy Acne Mask from Neutrogena Tested!


Occasionally I like to sign up for campaigns and one of them was for this really cool mask from Neutrogena, and I figured I should share it with you all because it's something I hadn't even heard of before!

This mask uses both red and blue rays of lights to help fight acne with the power of light therapy. All you have to do is put this mask on for 10 minutes a day and it claims that it reduces the appearance of acne from mild to moderate.

When you first purchase the mask it comes with 1 activator which has 30 treatments on it and retails for $34.99. You plug in the activator and the lights in the mask will turn on for exactly 10 minutes and the count number on the activator will go down by 1 number each time. After that you can purchase the activator separately from the mask for $14.99 which comes with another 30 treatments.

The mask is pretty simple, it's basically a plastic mask with the lights on it and then the sunglasses to help protect your eyes from the light. It's really light weight and wasn't uncomfortable.

Personally, I really liked the mask for my first try! The lights did bug my eyes a bit but I am more light sensitive than others so that could definitely factor in as to why. 

After trying it for the first time I didn't notice a difference right away which I expected, but I did notice that the next day my face wasn't irritated like it usually is and felt really good. I didn't feel puffy and my "face demons", as I like to call them, felt like even they were calm. Could have just been a coincidence, I can't be sure!

Here's my face after using the mask. I don't have any acne per say but just break outs, honestly I don't really know the difference between all that face stuff is. If you're looking for a light mask this is a really great and affordable one! You can read more about it here on Neutrogena's website!

Have you tried a light mask before? Did you like it and find it helped your skin? Let me know in the comments below!