Deadly Grounds Coffee Review and Taste Test!


You know that feeling of excitement when you come across something absolutely perfect in every single way? That's how I felt about this coffee brand Deadly Grounds. I came across them while browsing a Rue Morgue magazine and instantly hopped onto my laptop and ordered! They arrived and I gave them all a good taste test so here's what I think about them!

This coffee is to die for! Deadly Grounds coffee is a hearse based North American company, how cool is that?! Of course being in Canada I purchased from their Canadian website, but they also have a US website as well. They are 100% Arabic coffee beans and you can order every flavour they have in either beans or pre ground. I opted for the pre ground because I don't have the means to grind them up and just can't be bothered. I brewed them all up in my little french press from IKEA, poured them into my complimentary Deadly Grounds travel mug that they so kindly sent me and added around two scoops of sugar and enough creamer until it floats to the top for my first cup, and then my second cup of each flavour was with just two scoops of sugar, no cream.

Never Sleep Again - It's described as a full bodied, velvetty and a little smokey. It's a French Roast mixed with a Mellow Roast for maximum flavour and extra caffeine. A tad bitter, with more of a bite at the end but I really like it. The description says that it has no bitter after taste but I'd beg to differ. I do make my coffee strong but I don't see it being that drastically different. It's definitely not a bad thing!

Haunted House - It's a rich, robust body with nutty overtones and a smooth finish and is a medium roast coffee. Apparently a Canadian favourite and so far it has been my favourite blend! It's just dark enough when just using sugar that I've ran out of my sample and am already craving it!

Dot's Diener Blend - Too light for me, although I may have made it too watery. I definitely need to try it again, because keep in mind I only bought the IV sample bags to give each flavour a try. They did suggest that the bags could do one pot of coffee but I might just use more than I should or so but I get around 3-4 cups of coffee out of the samples or else I find them too weak.

Hell's Fury - Probably my favourite coffee by far because it's so strong and I can add as much cream and sugar as I want and it still tastes strong. It's a really beautiful taste, and was honestly even still great when it was cold!

Death By Chocolate - The chocolate taste was faint but I preferred that because it wasn't overwhelming but still gave it a mocha taste and feel to it. A super cozy drink, would be perfect with some steamed milk on top!

Witch's Brew -  I found that this coffee has way more flavour than the Death By Chocolate when comparing added flavours. The raspberry is really there so if you like raspberry then this is for you! I didn't taste the chocolate as much, just like the Death By Chocolate, but you can tell its there.

All the coffees are super affordable, and they're made in Ontario, Canada which I really enjoy because who doesn't want to support a spooky Canadian business! I'm definitely going to be ordering more and trying out more of their flavours! So far the Haunted House and Hell's Fury were my favourite so I'm going to snag a big bag of each and some more samples and go from there!

Do any of these flavours interest you? What do you think your favourite would be?