TOP 3 | Travel Bucket List


I've been almost all over Canada from British Columbia where I lived for many years straight across to Nova Scotia where my boyfriend and all his family come from but never higher than that all the way across Canada and beyond that I've never explored anywhere else outside of Canada other than Las Vegas where I went for my 21st birthday just before I turned 22 funny enough! But I'm talking farther than my own continent of North America. 

First on my list is Japan. I've wanted to visit there for quite a few years now, pretty much since I became obsessed with Hello Kitty I would say. Since getting older and my love for JDM cars has grown there's many reasons for wanting to go now. I'd have to visit Tokyo especially for shopping and food because I love sushi and their fashion, as well as hit up the Ebisu Circuit for a bit of drifting and then Aokigahara or otherwise known as the Sea of Trees or Suicide Forest. Grim but it's not something I'd want to pass up when so close to it! Of course we'd have to check out a ton of other landmarks in Japan like Tokyo Tower, City of 10,000 Shrines, and so many other places!

Second on my list is Paris which is a pretty obvious one because it seems like a beautiful place to visit but I want to go not for the obvious reasons. I'd like to see the catacombs because as spooky as that place is it would just be so cool. As someone who took History of Design classes I'd also have to visit the Louvre, of course the eiffel tower and last on my list would be the Pere Lachaise Cemetery among a ton of other places.

Third on my list would be the United Kingdom because a ton of my favourite Youtubers live there so I figure well I should probably go check it out haha! Everything I see is just so cute and quaint and has so much character as well as I love the fashion. I'd have to go check out Stonehenge because that would be pretty amazing to see, also Big Ben because I always remember it from one of my favourite movies 102 Dalmatians.

I guess that's a quick summary of my top 3 places I'd love to travel to, of course this isn't all of them because I'd love to travel everywhere and see everything but since I have yet to travel too far yet I thought I'd keep it small and go from there!