SHINE BRIGHT | Swimsuit Haul


So a whilst ago I was sent these bathing suits that I picked out but that was like January and I thought it didn't make much sense to write about them when I know we'll still be getting snow up until May, which we did for one day during a storm, but now it's finally June so here I am! Finally telling you all about these bathing suits from! I picked out three different bathing suits and I guess lets get onto the review!

First up we have this one which the top is a lower halter top kind of look with the middle crisscrossed up. The top is made of normal bathing suit material and also padded which is great because I need a little help in the oomph department and it helps give you a little more coverage. The bottoms are a little high cut than normal but nothing too risque and the sides are held together by four straps which is really a cute touch with the top.

This top is more of a super strappy squared off triangle shape. The top straps are not adjustable which kind of sucks but it's not a huge hassle to shorten them and sew them back on so it's not a huge issue for me. The back ties are a little more complicated because there is just so many, three exactly, so it can be a little tricky to tie up depending on how you do it. The top also has padding which is a must for me when getting a bathing suit top. These bottoms are much smaller than I'd like and they're quite cheeky and the five straps on the side make it a little revealing but if you're comfortable with that it's very cute!

Last is my favourite in terms of looks! This one isn't padded but you could add your own if that's something you really wanted to do. It is covered in rose gold sequins which makes it so fun to wear and maybe not casual beach appropriate unless you're super extra which I am so not against but also perfect for pool parties. It's a halter style top which gives you a lot of coverage, the bottoms are very full coverage also which is awesome and also covered in sequins. The sequins don't really fall off so there's not a huge worry about shedding.

One thing to note is that the sizes do run small and the bottoms are not meant to handle a booty. I chose all these bathing suits in a size small but I'll have to get the bottoms in either medium or large, I haven't decided yet, and then I'm set!