RUT&CIRCLE | My Search For The Perfect Jacket


A little bit ago I had written about looking for a new jacket, which you can see here incase you missed it, and I really thought I was going to go for a bomber kind of jacket because it would be perfect for my casual daily style. But then I came across the website Rut & Circle and received an email with a 15% off code so I thought hey, why not check it out and see if there's anything I'm interested in right now. Well, it just so happens that there was!

After searching the website high and low, because whenever I come across a new store I go through their entire selection, I came across their trench coats. A trench coat isn't something that I had ever considered before because I thought they were just too fancy for me but I kept coming back to the Price Rosie Trench and it had me convinced that I needed it.

I think what really made me fall in love was the look of the material. It's a polyester and nylon blend but looks and feels like suede and I thought that would be perfect for not looking to business like and more casual chic especially because the colour is black but the material gives it almost a brick looking rough texture? It's so hard to explain but really adds so much dimension to the jacket. I really wanted something I could throw on and instantly look put together. I usually wear wedges or heels with jeans and the model in the photo was wearing exactly that.

I had chosen it in size 36 even though I knew I needed a 34 but they were out of stock and I assumed they wouldn't be going back in stock since it is a sale item and decided to just take my chances. It does fit me a little large everywhere but I think I can alter it enough to fit me better. There are little flaps with buttons on the shoulders which sit exactly at the end of my shoulders and if I remove those it won't look so boxy on me and I'm pretty happy after that. I may also add another button close into the waist so I can close it tighter around me.

It's a pretty thin coat which will work nicely for me in the warmer months because I get so chilly easily but I can also add a warm sweater underneath and still look super cute in the colder months if I don't invest in another jacket by then since this one isn't the most casual at the weekend car meets. Overall I am so excited for this jacket and am happy that this is what I decided on!

It's been about a month or so with this jacket and I am still loving it! Rut&Circle is definitely somewhere I am going to be purchasing more from so you'll be seeing them around!