AMI CLUBWEAR | Amping Up My Wardrobe


Recently I felt my wardrobe getting a little stale and with the warmer weather coming I thought it was time to add a few key pieces. I had the opportunity to select a few items from AMI Clubwear so I went off and scoured the website for a few key items I knew I just had to have. There's quite a few photos for each item but I really wanted to show you all the details!

The first item was this sweater. I really don't have anything with long sleeves other than thicker hoodies which are nice when you just want to be super casual and chill but I wanted something I could dress up or down so I thought this would be the perfect sweater for that. The bottom half of the sweater cinches in which is complimentary to your waist and looks super cute with high waisted pants as you can pull the sweater up a little higher and and it makes the top part kind of puff out and fold over the bottom half a bit as you can see in the second photo below!

The second item I thought would be an awesome addition to my wardrobe is this romper. I've noticed that embroidered roses are in recently so this one was perfect for me since I tend to keep my wardrobe to mostly black and a pop of red tones here and there. It fits me a little bigger than I had hoped but I thought that would happen anyways. I really wanted something with longer sleeves as I get cold easily but it still looks fit for summer with the open shoulders. I love that this piece also has the cinched waist because it helps hold it in place and give it some security when wearing it since it's so flowy.

The last item I chose was these boots and I knew I wanted them to match with the other items I got and that ended up working out well. I knew I really wanted to pair of over the knee boots because I didn't own any yet and wanted to stay warm but stylish in summer and of course they had to be a heel because I am most comfortable in a 2.5-3" thick heel. I love the little ties at the back of the boot to help hold them up because my legs are a little thin for the circumference at the top so it helps to keep them comfortable on my legs. There are two versions of this boot where one has a pointy two which I chose or there is a version with a rounded toe. I actually didn't initially realize this until I was checking back but I am glad I went with the more pointed toe as I think it looks more classy and dressier.

I'm so happy I chose these items because they've become strong stables in my wardrobe and I'm also really impressed with the quality especially for the price. I can't wait to make my next order which is probably going to be sooner than later haha!