SMOKED OUT | Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Look


For Christmas I was gifted the Urban Decay Smoky eyeshadow palette and I thought I would share a look I created with you all! It's super basic but it's one of my go-to looks when I want to do my makeup but not get too fancy. At the bottom I will link you to my video on Youtube so you can see my actually create it!

My go-to, quick, eye looks are usually a lighter colour on the lid and then a darkened crease for dimension, topped with thick winged liner!

You might think that that's kind of the opposite of a quick makeup look but for me I can do this quite fast because I've been doing it for years, it just comes naturally now.

I also always finish the look with a pair of large false lashes because without them I just wouldn't feel complete!

So there you have it! Watch the video right below for a more in-depth look at how this was created!

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