LIGHT REINVENTED | Limited Edition Mary Kay Spring 2017 Collection


I am so thrilled to be sharing Mary Kay's Limited Edition Spring 2017 Collection, Light Reinvented, with you all! The colours are stunning, bright and vivid! The collection is available on February 16th 2017, so check out some swatches below and get a sneak peak before it goes live!

The collection to start has two eyeshadow palettes. Sunlight features light hues of pink and peach while Glistening Horizon features shades of blue and a stunning rose highlight. They blend beautifully and pair them with a primer for an extra pop, as seen in the bottom half of the swatches on my arm. They each are 3g and retail for $26 CAD. 

Above: Sunlight has four colours which are a very light pink champagne, a pale lavender, peach and a hot pink. The top half has no primer and the bottom half has a primer base for added intensity.

Below: Glistening Horizon has four colours which are a faint purple highlight, a dark periwinkle blue, a purple and a crisp baby blue. The top half has no primer and the bottom half has a primer base for added intensity.

 There are three glossy lip oils which are described as a non sticky application while achieving a rich and glossy shine, which I would totally agree on. I found these super moisturizing and they had a beautiful shine. 

The three colours are Magenta Ray, Brilliant Violet, and Sheer Pink. They are .3 oz and retail for $19 CAD each.

The applicators are really soft and feel wonderful when applying the glossy lip oils, they also help to keep excess product off of your lips which is nice since I have such small lips.

Here I have Magenta Ray on my lips, I think it looks quite complimentary. It's a bright pink but doesn't come off as over the top which I really appreciate.

This is Brilliant Violet which is a really nice shade since it's almost like a hot pink but with purple undertones.

And last but not least, my favourite, is Sheer Pink. It's such a nice subtle shine that really compliments my small lips and helps them look plumper! I have never been a fan of gloss so this is a really nice, non sticky, alternative.

Lastly, this collection has four Nail Lacquers in bright and vivid colours!

The four colours are Vivid Sunburst, Brilliant Violet, New Blue, and Luminous Mauve. They are 7.5 ml and are $10 CAD each. 

Here are the nail lacquers on my nails, given that my nails are short and I'm not even close to the best at painting my nails, but the colours show off well! These are each one coat of the colours and I am very impressed with the opacity of them. My favourite is definitely New Blue and I'll definitely be wearing this this summer.

I hope you guys enjoyed this peak at the Mary Kay 2017 Spring Collection because I really enjoyed showing you all!


  1. This is such a pretty spring collection. I love the Sunlight eyeshadow palette, something about it is just spring and soft. I've only tried the oil a few times, but love how they feel on the lips.

  2. Such a pretty and inspired spring the palette and lip gloss colors!


  3. Those lip oils are so pretty!!

  4. Wow that is great coverage for just one coat of polish!

  5. Love all the shades for Spring! Also, the lip oils look great!