SMOKY | Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Review


I was gifted the lovely Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette for Christmas and although I am a little late to the party I thought I'd give it a review anyways! I've had my eyes on it for awhile so I am very excited to finally have it! I am a big fan of the Naked Basics palettes by Urban Decay as they're my go to everyday palettes so this is perfect for me when I want to smoke up my look!

First of all I love the packaging, it's so appealing and I especially love that the palette case itself is slightly translucent which really helps to amplify the smoky effect. It reminds me a bit of marble which I can't lie, I am slightly obsessed with.

(From left to right)
High (champagne shimmer with micro-glitter), Dirtysweet (medium bronze), Radar (metallic taupe with iridescent micro-glitter), Armor (metallic silver-taupe with tonal sparkle), Slanted (light metallic gray), Dagger (medium charcoal with micro-shimmer), Black Market (jet-black satin), Smolder (deep plum-taupe), Password (cool taupe matte), Whiskey (rich brown matte), Combust (soft pink-taupe), Thirteen (light beige satin) 
I am pretty happy with the choice of colours as I always use a Naked Basics palette for the base of my looks, so having the last two shades is really nice. I also enjoy that there is a mix of shimmer and matte colours to really create a broad palette.

 Here are some swatches straight from the palette with no base, just on my skin. Some did require more layers than others but I almost appreciate that they need to be build up as sometimes smoky eyes can get a little out of hand and this way you can blend to your hearts content and still end up with something that doesn't look like a black eye. The swatches here are opposite from the palette, it's just how I chose to apply them to my arm, so the last shade in the palette is actually first and as you can see (or not really see) it's almost not even visible as it's so translucent.

Honestly, I love a palette that has a brush in it because that means I have one less thing to forget when I'm packing. For the price of the palette I really appreciate the brush being in there too, technically two brushes really as it's double sided. The bigger side is a tapered crease brush and the smaller side is a smoky smudger brush, it's also cruelty free.

I do wish that some of the weaker eyeshadow colours were more opaque because Urban Decay is a high end brand and I do expect more from them but overall I am pretty satisfied with the palette as a whole!

EBONY & GOLD | JORD Watch Review + Giveaway


JORD Watches had so kindly contacted me and wanted to send me a watch to review as well as host a giveaway for a chance to win a gift card for you all! The details and entry form will be linked below at the bottom, so if you're interested please check it out, but please, keep reading and learn a bit about the company and watch below!

I decided that I would gift my boyfriend with this beautiful watch just because but in the spirit of Valentine's Day, which is quickly approaching, this would make a great gift! He opted for the style Frankie in Ebony and Gold which I think suits him well. The natural ebony is hand finished and features sapphire crystal glass and face with a minimalistic design. 

The watch comes in a beautiful wood box for later storage with the logo of JORD on the top. It also has a little pull out drawer on the bottom where you can store the oils etc that they supplied to keep the watch looking perfect. 

The watch retails for $189 and this series has six different colour options. You can also get the watches engraved and have it sized to your wrist. It is splash proof but should not be submerged in water (3 ATM). It comes with a limited one year warranty.

"Aspire to simple sophistication.. Minimalism has never equated to more. Strip away the excess, avoid the desire to embellish, and aspire to simple sophistication. Your time is your own. Find elegance with ease in the ultra slim case powered by a Swiss movement and enjoy the comfort of the straight line strap. The uncomplicated face allows focus, the streamlined shaping offers style. Wear time well with the Frankie Ebony & Gold."


Sapphire Crystal Glass
Deployment buckle with push buttons
Case width: 45mm
Case thickness 10.5mm
lug ends: 55mm
Band thickness: 18mm
Band length: 160mm


Swiss Ronda Normtech Caliber 763
Display: hours - minutes - seconds
Jewel Bearing: 5 jewel
Tuning Fork Type: quartz crystal
Frequency: 1.5 V
Accuracy: -10/+20 seconds /mo
Battery: silver oxide No.364 (equiv)
Drive System: 2-pole stepping motor

So thanks to JORD Watches I have the pleasure of hosting a giveaway that gives you a chance to win $100 JORD e gift code, as well as everyone who enters automatically gets a $25 JORD e gift code which will be emailed to you when the giveaway is over! You have until February 5th 2017 at 11:59 pm (2/5/17) to enter the giveaway! The codes will expire on April 30th 2017 4/30/17 so make sure to use them before that date!


Alright guys, I had to dye my hair black to match my new set of VPFashion extensions that I had received (There will be a separate blog post up for that!) and I went to Walmart and I couldn't find just a #1B so I settled for this #1BB. I was pretty sick at the time and couldn't really focus so I grabbed this one not even really looking at the box but it ended up turning out alright!

The dye I grabbed was Vidal Sassoon's Ultra Vibrant Colour #1BB London Luxe in Midnight Muse Blue, SAY WHAT?! This was clearly not what I wanted to grab at all, I did NOT want blue hair, I wanted black! But if you keep on scrolling you'll see it all turned out okay which is not so cool for the dye but pretty cool for me, luckily.

Above and below you can see what my hair looked like before applying the dye. The right side of my hair was pretty black as I had dyed it black before and it stuck pretty well but it was already dark. The left side of my hair though had previously been blonde and I did dye it black as well but it didn't stick very well because I didn't add a filler so I just wanted to show you that I had slight blonde streaks and brown on that side.

After the dye job you can see that it is in fact NOT blue, so thankfully,  and it covered my blonde/brown and my lighter black side and my whole head is finally one colour now! So the #1BB from VS isn't actually blue which is pretty bad branding for them considering people would be buying it, it is just plain #1B so if you're trying to match your extensions it is a perfect match for that!

Here is a photo in natural lighting too, instead of my yellowish bathroom lightning so you can see that it is actually just #1B black with no blue undertones, even on my blonde pieces.

Overall I think the dye is not bad! It didn't feel conditioning or anything but it also didn't feel like it damaged my hair so that's nice. It does come with a conditioner but I don't find that it's anything special but I'll still be using it weekly like it suggests until it runs out because it's supposed to help keep your colour. Like I mentioned there will be a blog about my VPFashion extensions where you'll be able to see that they match perfectly!