Well, it's my five year blogiversary as of December 17th. I feel like I may have written about how I got into blogging before but that was probably a few years ago so I thought I'd do an updating and more in-depth version.

I've been blogging since exactly December 17th, 2012 which was two days after my 18th birthday and my last year of high school! As it says in my very first post on this blog I had been blogging on Tumblr for awhile and finally decided to take it to the next level but didn't know where it would go and here we are today years later still blogging and more in love with it every day!

But to dive deeper into the reason why I got into blogging is that really it all started because I used to, okay well still am, an online shopping addict and I'm not afraid to admit it. I wanted to share the purchases that I scoured the internet for for hours at a time, I remember specifically being so happy I had a place to share this sweater from Shop W.A.S.

When I first started I didn't even read many other blogs or even know about sponsored content, I just blogged for the love of blogging. I didn't see other people's blogs and think that I wanted the same thing I just felt that I needed to write and share my thoughts with others regardless if anyone even read what I had to say.

Needless to say I am so happy that I started and here is to many more years of blogging, because now it's become something so much more than just a place to share my thoughts about this new sweater I bought. Now blogging is about making connections with brands and the people who run them, networking with other bloggers who I can share my passion with, working towards a lifestyle and job that I love and can support me and broadening my writing skills. It's given me the opportunity to work with brands and attend so many events and I couldn't be more thankful!

As of right now I hope too expand my blogging horizon and take my blog to new levels!

Happy 5 years to Spooky Chic and here's to many more years!

Halloween KISS Products 2017 + Try On and Review


As promised in my last post about the Kiss Products event I said I would share a few reviews about the products and thought that what better time than to share the Kiss Products and ImPRESS Nails Halloween collection!

So these aren't all the items in the Halloween collection as I wasn't quick enough to snag them at the event but I did manage to get ahold of these ones and I couldn't be happier. I have always loved stiletto nails and the fact that they made them in matte black, matte grey AND matte red (not pictured) is so exciting. I've always been a big fan of imPRESS nails and used to wear them quite frequently!

Then we have three different sets of the Halloween graphic nails, one with spiders, one with mummies and pumpkins, and another with a graveyard scene.

Here are the two colours of stiletto nails in matte black and matte grey and if you keep scrolling I show you the matte black nails on!

These here are the nail wraps which are always a super cute and easy way to dress up your nails if you don't want to wear fake nails!

And now for the try on, I wanted to dress up my nails a little bit and thought there couldn't be a better and quicker way! I chose the matte black stiletto nails and they took me around 10 minutes to apply. The nails come with two different options to apply, either the gel pads or nail glue. I chose to apply them with the gel pads because I had never tried them before and did want to remove them by the end of the day.

They held on fairly well but unfortunately I had to wash my hands only a few minutes after applying the nails and later in the day I did have a few that were more loose than others and I think that was the issue. Others that I assume weren't effected by the water held on until I was ready to take them off, so once they have enough time to take hold they last a very long time without any worries. 

Since there were a few that had fallen off I did choose to glue them on with the nail glue and like any other it held them on very solid and I was happy with that. When I went to take them off I just peeled the gel ones off starting from the back and then with the ones I had glued on I just had the crack the sides and then peel from one side to the other. Super simple and painless, which makes it a great way to dress up an outfit for a day! 

Inside the packs it comes with two of each size and they have sizes from 11 to 0, 0 being the largest and 11 being the smallest. Luckily for me the smallest sizes fit my finger nails with only a little bit of overhang on the sides as I have very small finger nails. 

And here's the end look! They were comfortable and easy to apply and remove and I couldn't even tell they were there all day for the most part! I love them and will definitely be using KISS nails again and again! What do you think of them? Have you tried them out before?

BLUSHED | Mary Kay Baked Cheek Powder


So I'm a wee late showing you these products, they were hiding away in the drafts for some odd reason but I loved the photos too much to not post it, so I really apologize because they aren't available anymore but I will link great alternatives to them at the end! These lovely heart shaped blushes are from the Mary Kay Beauty That Counts program where $2 from each sale went towards helping change the lives of women and children and were available from May 16th 2017 until August 15th 2017.

There are two shades which are Kind Heart and Giving Heart and come in a beautiful gloss compact and shaped into hearts.

Kind Heart gives you subtle luminosity to highlight any area of your face and Giving Heart adds a rosy colour to your cheeks! Both are so lovely and as I'm sure you can see below are quite shiny so it's best to slowly build the colour up.

As I said, here are two colours that I believe are very similar to Kind Heart and Giving Heart because I still want you to be able to enjoy something similar! I believe that the Mineral Cheek Colour in Bold Berry is a great alternative for Giving Heart, and that the Mineral Cheek Colour in Shy Blush is a great alternative for Kind Heart!

Since we're diving into the colder weather now I thought I'd share these eos Organic Smooth Lip Balms with you because I was given them for free through Chick Advisor and I thought I'd take it even further and write a review of them here because I liked them so much!

Since I live in Calgary, Alberta and it's usually pretty chilly around this time of year I always have a lip balm on hand in case my lips feel dry because there's nothing worse than chapped lips for me. I usually do carry around an eos lip balm or my other newly found favourite Blistex Nuture & Nurish but now I might have a new favourite because these flavours and formulas are so great.

So I was sent the eos Organic Smooth Lip Balms in the flavours Strawberry Sorbet and Sweet Mint which are actually so delicious you just want to keep layering it on. My favourite of the two though is definitely Sweet Mint because it just feels refreshing but not too tingly like I find some mint lip balms are, especially if you have dry lips. The Strawberry Sorbet is also great too though because it isn't an overly powerful strawberry flavour that some brands seem to have.

I couldn't be happier that the lip balms are 100% natural and organic, for some reason this makes me feel better about using them and knowing that they're a better alternative for my body and what I'm consuming when using a lip balm. They're also paraben and petrochemical-free as well as not tested on animals!

They are 0.25 oz of product and retail for $4.11 CAD!

I definitely want to pick more up, especially in the flavour Honeysuckle Honeydew because I am a Honeydew fanatic! What flavour do you want to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Mary Kay Fall 2017 Colour Collection


Well, Autumn is here and that means Mary Kay Canada has released their Fall 2017 collection. As soon as I unboxed these items I fell in love, these are the exact colours that I am so obsessed with not to mention that fall is my favourite season so how couldn't I be obsessed with these?!

Lets start with the nail lacquer! They come in the colours Rose Blush, Pink Escape, and Violet Silk. They're lovely bold shades that really just cover so flawlessly with one or two coats which is a great plus for me because I can get really impatient waiting for each layer to dry. Each bottle contains 7.5 mL and costs $10.00.

This here is Rose Blush which is definitely my favourite colour of the trio because it's just dark enough but still staying in the nude family as far as I'm concerned. It's my go to colour for the season because I feel like it matches my favourite bag and shoes in the same colour family!

This is Pink Escape and it's a lovely light pink shade that's great if you want a nude colour that's a little more pink than a beige nude if that makes sense. It's a little light for my liking personally but works great as an accent nail! 

Last but not least we have the colour Violet Silk which is a beautiful dark plum and one of my favourites because it reminds me of a cold autumn day, it feels warm and cozy to me! I love dark nails, mostly black, so this is a great alternative to that.

Next we have the eye colour palettes which came in two different colour ways which are Simply Smokey and Rose Nudes! I love the fact that the colour palettes have different formulas in them which we'll dive into deeper below. Both palettes have five different colours, are 2.5g and cost $27.00 each. Each palette allows you to easily transition from a subtle day time look to a evening look!

Here we have swatches for Rose Nudes that have a satin, matte and pearl finishes to them which is great to have such variety in a compact palette. I swatched the colours from darkest to lightest here, I wish they had names so I could address them separately but as far as I'm aware they don't. I was pretty impressed with the formulas and these were only one swipe of my fingers straight from the palette without any primer beforehand. The colour payoff is great and they blend really flawlessly making them very easy to use and create great eyeshadow looks effortlessly.

Here is Simply Smokey which contains more purple shades than pinky nudes but some of them are still subtle enough for a day time look. Again they have five different shades in satin, matte and pearl finishes and these blend out just as nicely as the Rose Nudes palette!

Here we have two Lip Suedes in the colours Mulberry Muse and Rose Blush, they are super lightweight, transfer-resistant and they don't feather or bleed which is surprising to me because they are so buttery smooth. They are a semi-matte finish, contain 2g each and cost $19.00 each. They apply super easily and smoothly which makes them really great to just bring along and have on you to touch up during the day without too much hassle.

I can't even explain how happy I was to receive these because somehow they were both the exact perfect colours that I was hopeful for this season. They both are beautiful colours that will definitely pop all fall season long with any outfit and help dress it up.

Now I do have to add that I'm not the biggest fan of lipsticks because I find because my lips are too small to stay inside the lines easily, and I can't be bothered to carry around a lip brush with my lipsticks BUT these are ones I'd definitely consider. Mainly Rose Blush because the colour is super complimentary to me as you'll see in the photo below and applies so easily that it's not a hassle to apply or touch up if needed. I found that Mulberry Muse was a tad too rich for me personally to comfortably apply without hesitation of touch ups because I found that if it did go out of the lines a little bit you could really tell where as Rose Blush just seemed to melt into my skin colour and I didn't care as much.

Let me know what you thought of all the products down below in the comments! I think my absolute favourite is the Lip Suede in Rose Blush!

KISS Products Fall/Winter Preview Event Vlog


I attended the KISS Products Fall/Winter preview event a few weeks ago and I decided to vlog it so I thought I'd share it here with you all! I plan to put up a review of all the products so you can take a closer look and that will be up sometime in the near future! The event was absolutely amazing, everyone was super wonderful, so here it is!

Mary Kay TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares


 If you're like me you love skin care, especially when it has something special about it. I was kindly sent the new TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares and to pair with it the TimeWise Tone-Correcting Serum by Mary Kay Cosmetics!

The TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares are new and they're actually pretty cool. I love using vitamin C in my daily routine and these squares make sure I'm using it to it's full potential. Pure vitamin C degrades over time and loses it's power when it's exposed to air, light or water which happens as soon as I open the bottle of my vitamin C serum. Since these squares aren't activated until they're dissolved when you're ready to use them they don't lose their power over time.

To use the squares of vitamin C all you have to do is add a few drops of water to the palm of your hand and combine it with the vitamin C  and then mix it together until it dissolves. Once it's dissolved you add your serum into it to combine and ta-da you've got a super charger serum!

The toner that I decided to use with the vitamin C squares is the TimeWise tone-correcting serum. My skin is always uneven so I figured I should choose something that could help with that. This serum helps to get rid of past damage, skin discolouration, hyper pigmentation, dark spots and freckles with daily use.

It comes in a convenient pump bottle with 1 fl. oz. / 29 ml and is totally fragrance free which I appreciate when it's a product that is sinking into my skin.  You can purchase it for $48 CND on www.MaryKay.ca. It says that it's suitable for all skin as it's oil-free which is great too.

The TimeWise Vitamin C Activating Squares come in packaging similar to blotting paper which  is nice because it keeps them all together nice and neat and is easy for travelling. They come with 12 squares individually packaged for $30 CND.

 Unsure why they used such large packaging for the squares as you can see they are actually the size that it states on the packaging and they are the only thing in them but I'm sure they have their reasonings.

Both items came on this adorable personalized board which I was so excited about because I've never had something come with my name on it before! But now that I've told you everything there is to know about the products let me tell you what I think about them!

The serum, when used alone, is a nice texture, doesn't have a smell and soaks into your skin pretty instantly and doesn't add any weight to it once it is soaked in. It has a slight silicone feel to it which makes it nice to spread evenly over your face. The vitamin C squares also don't have a scent and are pretty solid before they're dissolved. Once you add the drops of water they dissolve into a gel like feel and then I combine it with one full pump of serum into my hand. Once it's soaked in it leaves a slight almost plastic scent that you can only smell if you put your hand really close to your face and feels fairly weightless. I would give it a few minutes to totally absorb before applying anything overtop of it to make sure you don't get any weird pilling or textures.

Do you use a serum and vitamin C daily? Is this something that would make your day easier? I know it does mine!

Dying My Hair Ombre By Myself


Hey guys! I am back with a hair dying video, well VP Fashion tape in extension dying video! Let me know what you thought for my first time ever dying ombre by myself! I'm pretty happy with it and although my technique may be odd it works for me!

I used the VP Fashion tape in extensions in the colour #613A which is the white blonde and went from there! If you want to purchase them too I have a code which is "Mimi" and that will get you $10 off your order and helps me out a ton!

Have you tried VP Fashion hair extensions before? What do you think of them?

Top 5 Spooky Brands I've Been Obsessing Over


Since I'm always scouring the internet for the next cutest items I thought I would share a few brands that I have been fawning over for quiet some time!

First up we have Local Boogeyman, I discovered them awhile ago because Kat Von D shared a photo wearing one of their shirts and that's when I fell in love. I rushed to the website to find the most creepy cute monster themed clothing I had ever seen. Local Boogeyman features shirts with sayings on them, horror movie monsters, and they even did a collaboration with Rob Zombie himself called Zomboogiy, and that was enough to sell me!

Next up we have Killstar, it's a pretty popular brand with a huge selection of dark clothing that's sure to have something for everyone. They always have so many things I love and so many different styles, as well as everything from clothing and accessories to homewares and lifestyle! Right now I am absolutely in love with their bathing suits, especially the one I have put in the collage below!

JoinTheKVLT is a brand that I have been a fan of for quite some time now. I originally found them back when I was in college because I remember snagging a pair of their heart shaped sunglasses with little pentagrams on the sides, super cute and I had to have them! There's mesh, witches and goth all over their clothing and they kill it! I even won a giveaway once for one of their phone cases!

Onto Disturbia which I have been so in love with every since I seen their shorts that I'll put in the collage below, I also love that they add lace details to some of their pieces as well as they have Lost Boys designs and that's enough to hook me! Everything in the collage below is definitely on my "To Buy" list.

Last, but certainly not least, is Too Fast Clothing! They've actually been incredibly sweet and sent me items to review before on my Youtube channel. Too Fast is really affordable and always have new cute things. Right now I'm really into bathing suits and would adore to have the moon one below! This is definitely my go to when I'm searching for more affordable options!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my top 5 spooky brands that I've currently been obsessing over! Which brands are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!