Good bye 2016, it's been a good one! I've written exactly 65 blogs this year, which could have been better but that is more than one each week of this year so I am proud of myself for that! Looking back on my last years New Years Resolution post I succeeded in connecting with brands and I am so thankful for that and I did rebrand myself. I did fail in posting everyday of the week but I did grow my Instagram account which I am proud of!

NOW FOR 2017 I plan to continue connecting with more brands, keep trying to achieve my last year goal of posting more frequently. I'd love to grow my following on Facebook and on my blog here getting people to comment and read more! I'd also love to get more into fashion and post OOTD's etc!

Thank you to all who read my blog, it means the world to me! I hope everyone has an amazing New Years!

VOODOO | Spooky Box Club Unboxing NO.21


"Gifts from the deepest, darkest bayou. Perfect for any swamp witch to adorn herself and her creepy little abode."

Finally, my very first Spooky Box Club has arrived, it is NO.21 The Voodoo Box! I am so excited to have this arrive and I had to sit down and open it ASAP so here is a look through it for you all!

Before we dive into the box I want to let you know a little info about it that will be helpful to you if you live in Canada! Spooky Box Club does ship from the UK and that means their prices are in the British Pound. Currently 1 British Pound is worth 1.66 Canadian dollar, so keep that in mind when ordering. That means this box costs £35.50 GBP converted to Canadian is $61.41 CAD. Also, since it's shipping from the UK it took 14 days for it to get to me. They are also a few months behind, I paid for my first box on October 13th and have paid for three at this point and just got this box now on December 20th. None of this I mind, just letting you all know!

Now, into the box! First up we have the custom made Skull Cup Enamel Pin and a custom made Potion Patch. I do believe that you get a pin and patch in almost every box but I could be wrong! I am definitely putting the pin on my jean vest but I'm unsure where to put the patch right now.

I was so excited when I seen these two cuties, they are a pair of two black skull candles which I'll probably never burn because I adore fun shaped candles and they're just so cute! I also received a custom made bracelet with two collectable charms which are a small black bat and a pair of crossed bones. Very spooky but fashionable! I really appreciate the bracelet because I can make it fit my small wrists!

They included a handcrafted gourmet lollipop which I feel like is probably apple flavoured, I haven't tried it yet but I am a sweet junkie so I'm sure I'll love it! Beside the lollipop we have an adorable little voodoo doll keychain which is perfect because I have about five other spooky keychains all together so he fits right in!

The art print is super cute, usually I don't like skulls because I find they can be cheesy but I really don't mind this voodoo themed print! I wish I knew the artist though. Right to the left of the print is a very cute Voodoo necklace on a long chain with three green gems hanging off of it which is totally fit for a swamp witch.

One of the biggest items, so big I couldn't even fit it into the whole picture, is this super cool black sparkly garland that says "Black Magic". I think this is such an awesome piece because I love home decor, now I just need to find the perfect place to hang it!

Well, that's it for the box! I love that the whole box kept to the green theme and I can't wait for the next one and many more to come. I am very excited that I took the plunge and finally subscribed to their monthly box!

LET IT SNOW | Top 5 Sephora Holiday Favourites


As I was shopping for all my loved ones I couldn't help but notice all the wonderful things that Sephora has to offer this year and I thought I would share them with you all. They're not all holiday specific bundles but they'd definitely make for great gifts at great prices!
This is the beautyblender + Benefit Holiday Kit which includes a Original beautyblender, Blotterazzi, and Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional face primer in the deluxe size and it retails for $55 CAD. I love this combination because a beautyblender alone is $28 CAD as well as the Blotterazzi is $28 CAD and then with the additional primer is $13 CAD which already saves you $14 on products that you most likely already have or have been wanting. I know I've been wanting all three products!

I am a huge fan of Glam Glow products so when I seen this bundle I had to add it into my Top 5. This is the Gift Sexy SUPERMUD Set, it retails for $79 CAD, and includes the SuperMud Clearing Treatment, ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment and YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. The SuperMud alone is $79 CAD so you're already saving $83 CAD with this bundle! This is great for someone who loves skincare and masks!

This is the Ambient Lighting Edit by Hourglass in Surreal Light and it retails for $95 CAD. This is a pallet I've always admired and have lusted for! It's not a holiday bundle but it would make for a beautiful gift for someone who loves their powders. It has five different shades of powder including a finish, two blushes a bronze light and a strobe light!

This is the House Of Lashes x Sephora Collection Lash Story Deluxe Set and I am a HUGE fan of House of Lashes. They've been my go to for quite awhile now so to be able to get such a vast bundle with two adhesives and a case to store them all is wonderful. It retails for $156 CAD and with this you save around $30 CAD. The lashes last a very long time especially when you can keep them safe in a case after wear!

Last but not least is the Artistic Brush Set by Makeup For Ever and it comes with four basic brushes including a foundation brush #106, highlighter brush #152, eye shadow brush #226 and a corrector brush #172. It retails for $103 CAD and you save $39 CAD. Makeup For Ever brushes are very thick and luscious and I am definitely a fan of them. This would make a great gift for a makeup junkie!

Which was your favourite from my list of top 5 Sephora Holiday Favourites?