Lash obsessed with a love for the occult, I couldn't help myself but fall in love with Black Magic Lashes as soon as I laid eyes on them. I immediately had to make the hard decision of choosing exactly which lashes I wanted to try out first. 

But a bit about Black Magic Lashes first, the Enigma collection and the Epic collection are totally vegan and then the Onyx collection is made from real mink fur but the fur is gently brushes from live mink and then sterilized so it's hypo-allergenic.

Upon arrival the packaging amazed me. I had purchased three sets of lashes and they came in striped paper bags held closed with the Black Magic logo stamped into wax which I thought was just beautiful. They also included a hand written note, three candies in chevron packaging and little bat confetti. The details they've included had me thinking that these just might be the perfect lashes and they definitely proved me right.

Each pair was held in a perfect box folded around them with gorgeous art, their logo on the back and inside a quote reading "The oldest stories are written in the stars.

 All lashes come in the same kind of packaging, no matter if they're just the regular faux mink, luxe faux mink or real mink. The lashes come on the normal slides and they slide out of a hard clear plastic which is really quite nice. Similar to how the M.A.C lashes come.

From left to right I made the hard decision and chose Mythic which is a faux mink from the Enigma collection, Lady Killer which is a luxe faux mink from the Epic Collection and Noctura which is also a luxe faux mink from the Epic Collection.

Here are the Lady Killer eyelashes from the Epic Collection, they're the longest and most dramatic pair I picked out. Maybe not suitable as an everyday pair for some but they work perfectly for me.

Each set of lashes also came with a quote which honestly was such a nice addition. You can tell they put a lot of time and effort into their lashes and are very passionate about them.

Overall I am super impressed, the lashes seem like they're going to hold up very well and I
l'll get a lot of uses out of them. They're super stunning and I'm so excited to have them!

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  1. I never used false eyelashes. But after what I saw in Asha article, I think that I should try to use Black Magic Lashes. This will give the beauty of my sight.