HORROR BLOCK | October 2016 Box


Well guys, I've finally received it! My very first Horror Block was on my door step the other day when I came home so the first thing I did was rush upstairs and open it, so keep scrolling to see what was in the October Horror Block box!

Here is a quick look when you first open the box, I love when the boxes are designed inside!

First off we have this syringe pen that says Dexter which I was super excited about. When I had seen that there was going to be something Dexter in the box that's what made me subscribe because I loved the show so this is super cool to have. It is a Horror Block exclusive.

Next off is this exclusive Doug Bradley photo as Pinhead with his signature on it! Needless to say that's pretty damn cool and I'll definitely be framing it and hanging it up above my sofa!

There was this exclusive money clip in the shape of a Quija planchette which I really love. Although I'm not going to use it to hold money together I'm thinking maybe business cards or papers of some sort. It's a really good quality and one of the best looking items in the box.

Next up is this fabulous The Walking Dead journal that has a creepy zombie on the front, and then on the inside has another zombie scene and in the back has another zombie scene with a hidden pocket. It actually feels really lovely and quality which is super nice. It also has a indented blood splatter on the back.

As far as I know every box comes with a T shirt and I was super excited for that because I'd love to grow my collection of cool T shirts. This one is super hilarious and features Michael Myers as a school logo with Run for your life, Haddonfield High Track Team.

I chose a size small in the unisex adult and it fits absolutely perfect and very comfortably.

They gave us a copy of a movie called Demonic Toys which quite frankly I don't have high hopes for but regardless I'll probably give it a watch eventually.

Last but not least is a copy of Rue Morgue #172 which is a horror genre magazine and I am very excited to read this. I can't ever seem to find a good magazine that actually is about something I enjoy so this should be a good read!

Needless to say I was not disappointed, this box was definitely worth the money and I really look forward to receiving next box in November! What was your favourite item in the box? Mine was definitely the Dexter pen, the autographed photo and the T shirt!

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