ELEGANT AUTUMN | Mary Kay 2016 Fall Line


Hey kittens!

I have the wonderful pleasure of being able to share the Mary Kay 2016 Fall line with you all! In the collection we have eight different gel semi-matte lipstick shades, two shades of Glowing Finish Illuminating Sticks, three nail lacquers, an eye colour palette and last but not least a gel liner duo!

Here are the gorgeous three nail lacquers in the colours Blue Debut, Rosy Encore, and Gold is Bold. Now, I didn't include any swatches because I did paint my nails but I absolutely suck at painting so I'll keep that to myself and just tell you what I thought of them! They're quite pigmented and in about two coats your nails are completely covered which is awesome. They dry pretty quickly and they go on very smooth.

 Next up is the beautiful eye colour palette in Rock The Runway. It features five gorgeous shades that definitely remind me of a runway when I see them. There is a gold, bronze, silver, royal blue and a dark blue.

Here are the swatches, as you can see I applied it to just my skin and then also to the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I only applied two swipes of colour with an eyeshadow brush over my skin and then carried onto the base.

Starting from the top we have the dark blue, as you can see it's a bit patchy but once applied onto a base it sticks amazingly and is super pigmented. Next is the royal blue which almost seems to have a purple undertone but once applied to a base absolutely pops into the royal blue like in the palette. Next is the silver which isn't as pigmented but it isn't patchy and would be gorgeous for a pop of colour, on a base it has quite the grey undertones. The bronze is so gorgeous, it's quite pigmented and once it hits the base it gets intense and very chocolate. Last is the gold and my favourite from the palette and probably the most pigmented and consistent as it looks almost identical when it's applied to a base.

Here are the two Glowing Finish illuminating sticks in Gold and Bronze. They're incredibly creamy and blend pretty nicely. The pigment can get lost if you blend it too much since it is a cream but the sparkle stays, all depends how intense you like your highlight.

This was two runs over with the sticks on both sides, as you can see they're quite shiny? highlighty? whichever term you'd like to use, they are glam-tastic!

Here is one of my favourite products, I'm a huge fan of winged liner but I've never tried a colour other than black so this is exciting for me.

You also get a brush in the container which I personally love because, for me anyways, I like to use little brushes and it's nice to keep it all together because when you're travelling it's nice just to grab and go.

So here is the two colours of gel liner! You get a stunning gold and then a bronze colour. Unsure why the swatch here is looking a bit green, it could be because I swatched the gold first and then dipped into the darker bronze so it might have mixed a bit of the gold into there. Either way, both colours are stunning and smudge proof!

Now, here is the eight lipstick shades! The lipsticks are all gel semi-matte, they're actually the first gel lipsticks that Mary Kay has made. They also smell like fruit loops to me and I'm obsessed with that.

From left to right the shades are as follows: Mauve Moment, Rich Truffle, Poppy Please, Bashful You, Powerful Pink, Always Apricot, Midnight Red and Crushed Berry.

And there you have it! Mary Kay's 2016 Fall Line, thank you so much to Mary Kay for sending these to me!


  1. Oh my goodness, I need to contact my MK consultant to try out these items!!



  2. This entire collection looks soo good! I can't pick my favorites it's way to hard :D