#LDBEAUTY | Day 7: Seven Annabelle Mascaras


Hey kittens!

#7DaysOfLDBeauty, Day 7! Recently I attended a London Drugs event, you can check that out HERE, and one of the brands featured at the event was Annabelle Cosmetics! 

Annabelle has SEVEN mascaras to offer, and they're in two categories. Big Show and Lash Launcher Collections!

This mascara is the Big Show, it's for when you want giant mega volume lashes with 13x the volume, and the brush is clump-free!

Next up we have the Big Show mascara in the waterproof formula, perfect for summer when you want your lashes to stay giant and flawless!

This here is actually a really cool mascara, or brush I suppose. This is the Expandable mascara, see the little plus and minus on the handle of the brush? If you turn that the brush itself gets longer or shorter which means that you can control how much volume (up to 12x), length and definition you want!

The Outlash mascara, and the last of the Big Show Collection, has a 360 twisted brush that grabs all of your lashes and fans them out, it can give you up to 11x the volume!

The Lash Launcher mascara brush has two length to it so you can reach your little hairs and really add length to the long ones. The formula is lengthening!

The Blast Off mascara has a curved brush to really lift your lashes up at the roots to get the perfect curling effect.

The Supernova mascara is the all-in-one! The curved bristles grab your lashes for more length, definition and volume. The 3-1 formula makes your lashes look longer, fuller and more defined.

Which one are you most interested in? My favourite is the Expandable!

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