SILKY SMOOTH | Nair Shower Power with Japanese Cherry Blossom


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I wanted to share with you Nair's New Shower Power hair removal lotion, this one has Japanese Cherry Blossom and 100% naturally sourced Rice Bran oil. It also comes with a sponge for applying and removing the lotion which I really enjoyed having as it makes it a much easier process. It works while you shower, what more could you ask for!

(My super artsy, hairy leg photo) 
I decided to let my leg hair grow for about a week before trying out the product because I have quite thick hair and I wanted to know just how powerful this little baby was and really put it to the test! I am someone who really doesn't enjoy shaving my legs and my hair grows back so quickly and thick it's just annoying and such a hassle. I figured why not try Nair out and see how it goes!

As the directions specified, I applied the Nair outside the shower. I applied it to the smooth side of the dry sponge, and applied an even thick layer to my legs. Although I imagined having to apply a thicker layer than in the photo, when you apply it with the sponge this is really as thick as you can get it. It ended up working fine, so no worries there! I then waited 1 minute as I let my shower water get to temperature.

Once you're in the shower it says to avoid putting area you've applied the lotion to under direct stream of water, which makes sense because you'd wash it away. You can do your normal routine and wait a minimum of 2 minutes, but do not exceed 10 minutes of the Nair being on your skin. I did wait the entire 10 minutes as I did have thick hair.

Once the 10 minutes had arrived I then took the sponge and used the bumpy side to remove the hair. All you have to do is massage it in a circular motion and it should glide right off! As you can see I had amazing results and I'm almost convinced that this will now be my go-to way of removing hair because you really can't beat showering and having your hair removed all at one time.

The only semi-negatives are that the smell is a bit over powering, I suggest turning your bathroom fan on or leaving a window open as I did find it lingers a bit. Other than that the sensation it left was a tiny bit irritating but I applied lotion after my shower as I usually do and it vanished, leaving my legs super silky smooth!

Have you tried Nair products before? Are you interested in trying out this method of hair removal?

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