#LDBEAUTY | Day 2: NYX Cosmetics Blush, Lip Cream, and Glitter


Hey kittens!

#7DaysOfLDBeauty, Day 2!
I recently attended a London Drugs event, you can check that out HERE, and one of the brands featured was NYX!

First product is the Ombre Blush. Now blush is something that I never really got into, I don't know why, I guess it just never appealed to me. Basically with this blush is it has two shades, one is a blue toned pink and the other is a yellow toned pink so that means that it should really just blend and morph into any skin tone. This one is the shade Sweet Spring and although it looks like an intense pink it blends pretty nicely and leaves you with a lovely flush of colour.

Next is the Soft Matte Lip Cream in the new shade Vancouver! Now that's pretty exciting because it's the first shade to be named after a Canadian city. The shade Vancouver is described as a deep purple. Unfortunately I can't give you a good description of the product because the one I received seemed to be separated and I feel I can't get a good feel for the actual quality. The colour however is so perfect and I most likely will be purchasing another in the future and will let you guys know what I think!

This here is the Face and Body Glitter in the colour Gunmetal Gray. They come in 12 different colours and as noted in the name they are safe to use on your face and body! It also has a nifty little sifter so you don't have to worry about a ton of product coming out all over. I have been told that they are releasing a glitter primer specifically for this product to make sure it stays on all day. 

So there you have it! Which product was your favourite? Do you think you'll go out a purchase them?

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  1. I am not much of a blush person either, but am trying to use it more! I am thinking of picking up the Vancouver lip cream just because of the name =P