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As we all know sunscreen is super important, especially in the summer time when temperatures really get up there. I have Coppertone Sunscreen Spray in Clearly Sheer to share with you today!

My very first impression was "Wow, it actually does what it says!", as soon as you spray it you instantly smell a really light and refreshing almost tropical breeze scent (but not strong enough to cause any allergies to my sensitive nose). It leaves a light feeling mist all over and once its settled it leaves your skin feeling baby soft and perfectly matte!

 It has an SPF of 30 broad spectrum, it's also lightweight and breathable so that means your skin won't get irritated and it won't cause breakouts! With this sunscreen you only need to wait 15 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun, so nothing too crazy. It's also waterproof for up to 80 minutes so that's really nice.

Personally, I love this sunscreen because it is a spray sunscreen, opposed to a lotion. I love the ease of just spraying and quickly rubbing it in rather than having to really rub it in and make sure it's getting soaked up. It has a fresh scent and it moisturizes as well. This sunscreen leaves you looking matte which is a wonderful change from the sometimes overly awkward shine you get from other sunscreens!

Are you interested in trying out this Coppertone Spray Sunscreen? 

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#LDBEAUTY | Day 6: Rimmel Tinting Mascara

Hey kittens!

#7DaysOfLDBeauty, Day 6! Recently I attended a London Drugs event, you can check that out HERE, and one of the brands featured at the event was Rimmel! 

Here we have Rimmel's Volume Colourist which is a mascara that tints your lashes over time. Other than that, which is super amazing, it has a really nice formula that doesn't clump and glides on smoothly and builds really nicely and evenly!

This is one of my go-to mascaras, I really enjoy using this as a base mascara or for a more natural but long look. Sometimes I enjoy a really glam look and will pile the mascara on but this is awesome for just a casual but amazing application.

Let me know if this lash tinting mascara is something you're interested in?

#LDBEAUTY | Day 5: Almay Age Essentials


Hey kittens!

#7DaysOfLDBeauty, Day 5! Recently I attended a London Drugs event, you can check that out HERE, and one of the brands featured at the event was Almay! 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get it in my skin colour so I'll just have to tell you a bit of info about the products!

So the Almay Age Essentials line consists of three products. A foundation, a concealer and a lip treatment! What makes these products perfect for aging skin is that it they have a combination of collagen, hyaluronic acid and peptides which help your skin stay youthful! The line also includes SPF in it which is awesome, you can never be too safe. The foundation is SPF 15 and the concealer is SPF 20. The lip treatment apparently has SPF 30 although I can't see that anywhere on the actual product.

The foundation is a medium coverage and comes in nine different shades. Unfortunately they don't have a very broad range of shades as they have nothing for woman of colour.

Let me know if you're interested in trying out these products? Gotta love makeup with SPF!
Hey kittens!

I wanted to share with you Nair's New Shower Power hair removal lotion, this one has Japanese Cherry Blossom and 100% naturally sourced Rice Bran oil. It also comes with a sponge for applying and removing the lotion which I really enjoyed having as it makes it a much easier process. It works while you shower, what more could you ask for!

(My super artsy, hairy leg photo) 
I decided to let my leg hair grow for about a week before trying out the product because I have quite thick hair and I wanted to know just how powerful this little baby was and really put it to the test! I am someone who really doesn't enjoy shaving my legs and my hair grows back so quickly and thick it's just annoying and such a hassle. I figured why not try Nair out and see how it goes!

As the directions specified, I applied the Nair outside the shower. I applied it to the smooth side of the dry sponge, and applied an even thick layer to my legs. Although I imagined having to apply a thicker layer than in the photo, when you apply it with the sponge this is really as thick as you can get it. It ended up working fine, so no worries there! I then waited 1 minute as I let my shower water get to temperature.

Once you're in the shower it says to avoid putting area you've applied the lotion to under direct stream of water, which makes sense because you'd wash it away. You can do your normal routine and wait a minimum of 2 minutes, but do not exceed 10 minutes of the Nair being on your skin. I did wait the entire 10 minutes as I did have thick hair.

Once the 10 minutes had arrived I then took the sponge and used the bumpy side to remove the hair. All you have to do is massage it in a circular motion and it should glide right off! As you can see I had amazing results and I'm almost convinced that this will now be my go-to way of removing hair because you really can't beat showering and having your hair removed all at one time.

The only semi-negatives are that the smell is a bit over powering, I suggest turning your bathroom fan on or leaving a window open as I did find it lingers a bit. Other than that the sensation it left was a tiny bit irritating but I applied lotion after my shower as I usually do and it vanished, leaving my legs super silky smooth!

Have you tried Nair products before? Are you interested in trying out this method of hair removal?

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Hey kittens!
#7DaysOfLDBeauty, Day 4! Recently I attended a London Drugs event, you can check that out HERE, and one of the brands featured at the event was Sally Hansen and Essie! 

Now I'm definitely not a nail polish expert by any means but I'll tell you what I think about these as just a normal consumer!

Okay guys, this nail polish has changed my life! I aways have the trouble of never being able to keep nail polish on, or it'll end up chipped in like an hour or two and after I shower they're completely demolished. Well, not with Essie's GelCouture. The formula is amazing, it really is like a gel.

When you apply it, it goes on on super smooth and nice and when it dries it doesn't really dry into a lacquer rather than an actual gel layer which means it literally cannot chip. When applying it though, make sure to only paint inside your nails because since it is a layer of gel it peels up in an entire piece normally and if it's outside your nails the edges have a harder time staying down (Don't ask me how I know.. I definitely paint inside the lines haha!)

You may always want to perhaps paint a bottom coat before the gel layer just for it to have something a little extra to hold onto!

Overall I am extremely impressed and this is definitely my go to for nail polish now. They have 42 shades and you don't need a lamp!

Here we have three pieces from the new Sally Hansen line of Color Therapy. The line has argan oil infused into it which I really appreciate! My nails are always really brittle and bend super easily so I love that its in there. Might as well be helping your nails while looking fabulous! 

Although it does say you will have 10 days of fade-proof and chip-resistant wear, unfortunately that wasn't the case for me. I'm not sure if the polish chips so easily because my nails are so flexible or what. I definitely will be using the nail and cuticle oil though!

Let me know if you're interested in picking up either of these polishes and trying them out!
Hey kittens!

#7DaysOfLDBeauty, Day 3! Recently I attended a London Drugs event, you can check that out HERE, and one of the brands featured at the event was E.L.F! I love that E.L.F. has been growing so much because they are definitely one of my favourite and extremely affordable brands! 

Here we have the contouring blush and bronzing powder, it's the St.Lucia, which is one of three options. The blush has a shimmer to it which I really like because it helps blend into your highlight and I love myself some glam. The bronzer is a really soft formula that blends nicely which we all know is super important incase we put a little too much on. I'm not really a fan of intense blushes because quite frankly I don't really know how to use them but this one is subtle enough of a colour and so blendable that I have no worries!

This is the Mad For Matte palette and I'm actually quite impressed with it. The colour payoff really isn't too bad and if you really want a bold look apply a primer first. The are super silky which makes them extremely blendable. I find that I do have to lay down a bit more colour if I don't use a primer. Overall it's definitely a palette that I reach for now.

This is the contour palette, it comes in only these shades. Personally I am very light skinned and this palette doesn't agree with my skin tones. The light colours work wonderfully but the light brown is too warm/orange for my skin and the darker brown is a bit too intense of a colour to blend naturally. If you like intense contour and are as light as I am then it would work for you as it does have cool undertones. The formula is super silky and they blend really nicely without losing colour pay off.

E.L.F. primers have always been a favourite of mine. I had actually just finished a container of this in the purple colour before I received this! It comes in three other tones which are purple, green and a shimmering yellow. With this product a little definitely goes a long way as it spreads so nicely and you really need just a little pump of it. Less is always more with primers!

Are you a fan of E.L.F. products? Which was your favourite?
Hey kittens!

#7DaysOfLDBeauty, Day 2!
I recently attended a London Drugs event, you can check that out HERE, and one of the brands featured was NYX!

First product is the Ombre Blush. Now blush is something that I never really got into, I don't know why, I guess it just never appealed to me. Basically with this blush is it has two shades, one is a blue toned pink and the other is a yellow toned pink so that means that it should really just blend and morph into any skin tone. This one is the shade Sweet Spring and although it looks like an intense pink it blends pretty nicely and leaves you with a lovely flush of colour.

Next is the Soft Matte Lip Cream in the new shade Vancouver! Now that's pretty exciting because it's the first shade to be named after a Canadian city. The shade Vancouver is described as a deep purple. Unfortunately I can't give you a good description of the product because the one I received seemed to be separated and I feel I can't get a good feel for the actual quality. The colour however is so perfect and I most likely will be purchasing another in the future and will let you guys know what I think!

This here is the Face and Body Glitter in the colour Gunmetal Gray. They come in 12 different colours and as noted in the name they are safe to use on your face and body! It also has a nifty little sifter so you don't have to worry about a ton of product coming out all over. I have been told that they are releasing a glitter primer specifically for this product to make sure it stays on all day. 

So there you have it! Which product was your favourite? Do you think you'll go out a purchase them?
Hey kittens!

It's the start of the #7DaysOfLDBeauty, Day 1! Recently I attended a London Drugs event, you can check that out HERE, and one of the brands featured at the event was Revlon! I was pretty excited about this as I do love Revlon and I am stoked to get to try out some of their new products!

First up we have the absolutely amazing, and a definite favourite of mine, Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor! I received the colour HD Obsession which is a hot pink. When I say that these are smudge-proof I mean it. I applied it in the morning, had all my meals that day (maybe a few snacks here and there) and I didn't have to reapply, I'm also a lip biter. I've been telling everyone I know about these amazing lipsticks. I hope to get my hands on the shade HD Seduction soon, but everywhere I go it's sold out! They come in eight different shades and if I'm being honest I want the whole collection!

Next up we have the Not Just Nudes eyeshadow palette. Now this product is not out in Canada yet from what I can see online, although it can be found in the states. The Not Just Nudes palette comes with a pretty good double sided brush which is honestly awesome if you're not much of a makeup wearer with a small collection. Revlon has got your back! This particular palette is the Passionate Nudes and I believe they made one more called Romantic Nudes. If you love a nude look this is definitely for you, and don't be afraid to apply them wet or with a primer base to really make these pop and stay all day!

Last, but definitely not least, is Revlon's Eyes, Cheeks + Lip palette. The one I received was the Berry In Love and there are two others as well. I love the idea of a palette holding everything you need, especially if you're always on the go or even traveling. It has six eyeshadows, two lipsticks on the left, a blush in the middle and then two lip glosses on the right. Although I do appreciate the fact they thought to include a double ended shadow applicator, a blush brush, and a lipstick brush I never find much use for them and probably would have preferred more product instead. With these products you'll definitely want to use a primer base for the eyeshadows and the lipsticks are quite sheer as well as the blush. Definitely good for a beginner or someone who just enjoys a light touch of makeup.

Let me know if you're excited to try out any of these products and will be picking them up at your local London Drugs! (I highly recommend the lipstick!)



Hey kittens!

I decided to have a little impromptu OOTD the other day and I really wanted to share my new handbag with you all! This is my usual everyday look, it wasn't planned but I hope you enjoy regardless!

First item first, my amazing new handbag featuring white bats and white spider web like shapes. It is the Bats Handbag by Banned Apparel and it's basically the bag of my dreams. I had been lusting after this for so long and I finally found it by a Canadian seller on Amazon for a reasonable price, I'll link you here. (It comes in a purple too!)

I'm wearing my usual toque which was from West49. It's the brand Yea, Nice. in the style Midnight Heather.

Rocking my Leopard patterned shoes by Vans, which I don't believe you can get anymore. They're my go-to simple by punky shoe.

I'd also love to shout out Too Fast Clothing for sending me this amazing shirt. This is the Shock T-Shirt in the graphic Beat It Creep. I will have a whole look book dedicated to the things they have sent me very shortly!

Last but not least I have on my faux leather jacket from Garage from a few year back and on top I have a little jean vest from Bluenotes from awhile back as well.

If you see me out and about I can guarantee I look like this 9/10 times. It's effortless but stylish!

#LDBeauty | Calgary's First London Drugs Event


Hey kittens!

For the first time ever London Drugs decided to host a beauty event for the first time in Calgary, where they showcased some of their brands newest products! It was held at a super cute restaurant downtown called Market where they had absolutely delicious food and drinks.

Some of the brands that they were showcasing at #LDBeauty were Annabelle, E.L.F., Essie, Makeup Revolution, NYX, OGX, Revlon, Sally Hansen, Rimmel and Schwarzkopf.

As this was my very first invite to an event I was quite excited to be there, it was an amazing experience for me that really makes it feel like I am recognized for blogging. It's a great feeling. But I was also so excited that I kind of flopped on photos, but these were from my phone/snapchat!

I wasn't quite too sure where to go as I had never been to Market before but as soon as I saw this sign on the door I knew! It was pretty exciting to see the "Private Function".

Super cute chalk board sign when you first enter the building.


Worst quality selfie ever but I opted for a pair of high waisted pants, a body suit with tie ups in the front and black wedges. Keeping it simple but chic!

I was allowed to bring a +1 so of course I asked my amazing friend and hair stylist Sam who made sure that I had absolutely fabulous hair for the event! You can find her Facebook page here.

Here was the Essie and NYX tables. Basically when you walked in there was a bunch of little tables with people at each table who would tell you all about the new products.

Here is the Sally Hansen table where they had three products including polish with argan oil in it, a top coat and a nail and cuticle oil with argan oil in it, so pretty cool to have a polish that nourishes your nails too!

Here was the E.L.F. table where they had a bunch of products like contour blush and bronzing powder, mineral infused face primer, Mad for Matte eyeshadow palette, and the contour palette!

At the Schwarzkopf table they had a biotin+ volume shampoo and a biotin+ volume hairspray which is H2O free!

I was super excited to learn about the brand Makeup Revolution because I hadn't heard of them before. We got to take home their contour palette (which I am in love with now).

It was also super cool because they had an entire station dedicated to creating flat lays which is where I made this photo. I thought that was pretty cool because as a blogger, what more could I ask for!

I will be posting blogs of all the brands and the products we received there during this week so keep a look out for that! I am glad I can share all the new products that these amazing brands have come out with and share my opinions of them!

Which brand are you most excited to release new products?

LUXE KITTEN | Drab to Chic Lamp DIY


Hey kittens!

Today I have a DIY for you all! I've had this old lamp sitting around for quite awhile now and I finally decided that it was time to give it an update! With a quick layer or two of spray paint I've refreshed one of my favourite pieces of decor!

Here is the lamp with it's original paint, as much as I loved it, it was a bit dated and you could tell. Now I've still got it but just updated! The cord itself also really dated the lamp but I painted that too so now you can't even tell!

I picked up a can of Krylon Colormaster Metallic spray paint in the colour Gold, approx. $6 CAD at Canadian Tire. I originally wanted to do black with a red light bulb for the eyes but decided on the gold because it went better with my decor!

I painted it with nice even strokes, letting off each pass to not waste any paint and get it anywhere I shouldn't be haha! I did this until the entire lamp was covered, rotating it along the way and making sure I got into every nook and cranny. I did do a second coat to make sure that everything was covered for sure and it wasn't patchy. This paint did a really good job of covering everything up quite easily.

Here it is lit up and on my TV stand, it may or may not stay there. It lights up through the cats eyes and illuminates them from the back as well. I think it's just such a gorgeous lamp and is really my style so I was quite glad that I could take it from drab to chic so quickly and easily!

Let me know what you thought of this DIY and whether you'd try it out!