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Hey kittens!

I got an email from a company called Firmoo and they asked if I wanted to review some sunglasses and since I love sunglasses I said yes. Their prices are very affordable plus you can get them in your prescription. Although I am super blind (-7.50) I did opt for the non prescription sunglasses because I enjoy being able to take them off and still be able to see!

So here is the pair I chose! It was super hard for me to choose because I love the cat eye kind of shape and they had quite a few pairs that were like that but I did manage to narrow it down to this one. These are the #OMJ2629 in the Black,Grey (C1) and they come in five other colours as well which is really nice if you're not into black sunglasses and want something a little more fun.

What really won me over when picking these was the price because they are $19.00 which is super affordable and they're pretty good quality as far as how well they're held together and made. I also really love the cat eye style which I mentioned before and the gold accents really made them the perfect sunglasses for me. They look sleek and classy while still being affordable!

On top of getting the sunglasses you also get a really nice hard case that looks like a map, you get a soft drawstring case that is black and you get a really cool double sided key chain mini screwdriver which honestly if you have to wear glasses like me you'll know that on more than one occasion you are in need of a tiny screwdriver, so that's just a really nice bonus!

So I hope you enjoyed this review, I also have a Youtube video up where you can see them live in action!

Let me know in the comments below which pair is your favourite pair on the Firmoo website!

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