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Hey kittens!

I want to share with you the lovely Here & Now Botanicals, they are a aromatherapy skincare line located out of Vancouver, BC that are made in small batches! They were kind enough to send me a few products and I am honestly so glad I got to try them out because they are phenomenal. I am the kind of person that prefers natural remedies and would gladly try them first.

So here we have an aromatherapy mist in the scent Sweet Sassafras, it is $15 for 60 mL. You simply spray this product into the air and for more intense effects you can spray into your palms and you can also use it as a pillow spray. It is light and uplifting and is an awesome pick-me-up, it helps diminish the symptoms of depression. This product makes me really excited because as it says on the website it is reminiscent of Rootbeer and Rootbeer is my absolute favourite soda so it's really exciting to spray this and smell that. This product is not tested on animals and vegan friendly!

This is an aromatherapy oil in the scent Uplift, and it's $15 for 10 mL. With this product you can apply it to your wrists, temples, along your jaw line, under your chin and meridian lines. This product can be used to help as an antidepressant, calmative, nervine, digestive and tonic. I love that it comes with a rollerball which makes it super easy to apply and not messy at all. This product is vegan friendly!

I was so happy to receive this product because they knew I had really dry lips and this basically instantly relieves my lips of that so it's amazing. This is the lip balm in the scent Focus, it's $5 for 4.5g It's also super lemony which smells awesome, it's not overwhelming at all just very sweet and uplifting.  Focus helps you with concentration, it's a stimulant, cephalic, nervine, tonic, antidepressant and antimicrobial.

Overall I am really impressed with these products, they smell amazing. The containers are gorgeous and the labels really fit the brand. I love the healthy and uplifting vibes I get when I try these products and they're definitely something I will be carrying around with me so I can always use them!

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