CALABAZA | Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Lipstick in Calabaza


Hey kittens!

Finally I am sharing the last item that LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs had so kindly sent me. This is one of their lipsticks from the Apocalipstick line called Calabaza which is a type of West Indian pumpkin.

Here is the absolutely beautiful lipstick and as you can see it is darker than an actual pumpkin but as it is described on the website it is a roasted pumpkin orange which I would say is pretty accurate.

Just like the other lipsticks in the Apocalipstick line the lipstick is in a matte black bullet shaped container which really gives a post apocalyptic alternative feel to the makeup line!

Here is a imperfect swatch over on my lips, no lip liner at all just a quick swipe of the lipstick. As you can see it is extremely opaque which is just lovely. It goes on quite smoothly which makes for an easy and quick application.

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs never fails to amaze me and I can't wait to collect their entire collection eventually! All of their products are 100% VEGAN, TALC FREE, AND CRUELTY FREE!

You can find the lipstick HERE for $15.00!

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