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I have an awesome Valentine's giveaway to share with you all thanks to the lovely FarleyCo! Let me tell you about all the products included in the giveaway!

I Love... Vanilla and Ice Cream Bath and Shower Creme
I adore the brand I Love... and have used it many times so I was really excited when I had the chance to try out the new Vanilla & Ice Cream scent! This one is seriously heavenly and feels amazing on your skin. I also love using these products for bubble baths and they fill the whole bathroom with their delicious scents. I love this one because it is a light and refreshing scent but not too over powering! This product is new and can be exclusively purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart!

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COLAB Dry Shampoo in Tokyo and New York scents
I have been using COLAB Dry Shampoo for awhile now and honestly it is one brand that I am really impressed by every time. The formula has always shown up invisible for me and I have dark brown hair and it definitely refreshes my hair and keeps it nice all day! These are the new scents New York and Tokyo and they are exclusively available at Shoppers Drug Mart!

7th Heaven Masques
Recently changed their name from Montagne Jeunesse to 7th Heaven which is much easier to pronounce, same amazing masques though! I love their masques because they're always fun to do, easy to apply and super amazing for your skin! These are available at London Drugs, Walmart, some Lawtons, Pharmasave, Uniprix, Jean Coutu and Brunet!
Instagram: www.instagram.com/farleycobeauty/

Now for the giveaway details!

Alright so in the giveaway you have the chance to win I Love... Vanilla & Ice Cream Bath Creme (500mL), COLAB Dry Shampoo in Tokyo and New York in both Extreme and Invisible formulas (50mL), three 7th Heaven masques and a makeup bag (design may vary)! There are many options to enter below!

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Twitter: Valentine’s Pampered Giveaway with @IloveHQ @COLABhair (exclusive at @ShopprsDrugMart); and @Ilove7thHeaven (at Cdn Retailers)Facebook: Valentine’s Pampered Giveaway with  www.facebook.com/ILoveCosmeticsLtd and www.facebook.com/COLABdryshampoo (Available Exclusively at  www.facebook.com/shoppersdrugmart/); and www.facebook.com/love7thheaven/ available at Canadian retailers
Instagram: Valentine’s Pampered Giveaway with www.instagram.com/iloveofficial/  and  www.instagram.com/colabhair/(available Exclusively at www.instagram.com/shoppersdrugmartofficial/) with www.instagram.com/ilove7thheaven/ (available at London Drugs, Walmart, select Lawtons, Pharmasave, Uniprix, Jean Coutu and Brunet) #Giveaway #Valentines #ValentinesDay #ValentinesGiveaway www.instagram.com/farleycobeauty/
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Hey kittens!

I finally got a chance to get my hands on some of Jack Black's Lip Balm and I am pretty impressed with it, it was definitely true what I was hearing about it. I purchased this at Sephora for $9.00 and am very happy I did because my lips get quite dry and no lip balm seems to really hydrate them except if I am constantly applying it which isn't something that I have a habit of doing so it just becomes a chore. With this lip balm I don't have to do that because it stays on for a very long time and has serious hydrating qualities which are such a blessing to my lips!

It is described as an emollient balm that soothes and relieves dry, chapped and irritated lips. It's enriched with superior skin conditioners and antioxidants to heal cracked and chapped lips and has shea butter and vitamin E to soften which green tea extracts help protect lips from damage caused by free radicals. It's been field tested in extreme conditions and apparently been formulated to be used by men and women (although I wasn't aware that lip balms were sexist ;)).

You can get this lip balm in a few different flavours like Grapefruit an Ginger, Black Tea and Blackberry, Mint, Lemon and Chamomile and Shea Butter and Vitamin E. I chose mint because I enjoy the flavour and the fresh feeling it gives. I definitely will be purchasing more, I think I'll try the Black Tea and Blackberry next!

Have you tried this lip balm yet? Do you think it's worth the price?

CHAMPAGNE | Nailtini Nail Lacquer


Hey kittens!

Sharing with you today a nail polish shade that I really love. This one is called Champagne by Tini Beauty, they call their nail polish line "Nailtini" which is super cute. They describe it as a glistening icy beige with a shiny finish. It can be layered with other shades and it is at full opacity in two coats! 

Nailtini nail polishes are vegan and cruelty-free and 5-free which is awesome and something I really love seeing in makeup companies. This company is in the USA and all the products are made there too. Here is a photo from their website of the nail polish for true colour since my photos vary. As you can see in the photo it definitely has a more pink tone than my photos but when you apply it, personally, I don't think it's as pink as the photo, definitely more beige as they describe it.

Have you tried the brand Nailtini before?

MORNING DEW | Amie Matte-Finish Moisturizer


Hey kittens!

I want to share one of the best products I've ever used! It's the Matte-Finish Moisturizer from Aime. I had actually come across this product on my search for a nice moisturizer for my makeup kit when I was in Shoppers. I almost didn't purchase it but it was one of the only ones I could find there and I have never been so happy!

First of all we'll talk about the packaging, the graphic designer in me can never resist good packaging. I usually am more attracted to products that lean towards the green side and when I picked this up I really got that feeling without even reading it. It features soft colours and a minimalistic plant design on the side. This product is apparently 90.8% natural ingredients which is awesome and has the slogan "Naturally Kind" on it and it honestly is.

This moisturizer leaves my skin feeling refreshed, moisturized and dries totally matte. I have even left the house with just this on because it made my skin look that flawless which is amazing for a moisturizer. This one in particular controls oiliness and shine but still hydrates and softens. Some people seem to think that if they have oily skin that they don't have to moisturize but in reality they just need to use the right products for their skin type.

It is dermatologically tested, pH balanced, free from parabens, mineral oils, petrochemicals and animal extracts and they don't test on animals which means it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are cruelty free! The natural plant sugars hydrate the skin while rosehip and bilberry nourish and soften.

Now, the website is definitely going to hurt your eyes but I'll let that slide because the product is so amazing. I definitely want to try all of their products because they really agree with my skin so far and I love to get behind companies that are cruelty free and vegan friendly! You can check out their products HERE.

Have you tried this product? What did you think of it?

FRESH MELON | Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon


Hey kittens!

Check out this blush! This is the Be Matte Blush by City Color Cosmetics in the colour Fresh Melon and is one of twelve in the line. This blush is VERY bright (although the line does have brighter) but it is seriously so stunning and it blends very flawlessly.

I'm pretty impressed with the entire product. The packaging is a nice soft black, not quite matte, and has a big clear window so that you can see the product inside. City Color Cosmetics are cruelty free certified. It's actually quite a big container and contains 8.9g of product and the palette is about the size of my palm.

The product itself as I mentions looks extremely bright but the wonderful thing about it is that you can apply it lightly for a healthy glow or increase the intensity for a more dramatic look. It's made with ultra-fine pressed powder which makes it easy to blend which is a blessing with the intensity of the colour.

Here's a swatch on my arm, it's not blended at all so it gives you a look at the intensity right away, of course when blended it's subtle and very beautiful and gives you a nice glow! The product is super soft and feels wonderful on your skin. When you first swatch it with your finger you'll find that it does feel a bit creamy but once you move it around it turns more powdery. You can find it HERE for $4.99!

Is this blush something you would consider or is it definitely too bold? Let me know in the comments!

GREASE LIGHTNING | Tea Tree Cleanser


Hey kittens!

So I am fairly certain I have probably mentioned Grease Lightning before but I need to again because it is seriously such a blessing to my face. Every time I feel a face demon trying to break through the surface of my skin I put a drop of this on top and 9/10 times it is already gone by morning! Occasionally I even just slather a layer on my face and go to bed with it on to give my skin a little pep. It does say that you can apply this over oily areas of your face to make them matte but I've never had it help me like that.

You can purchase this at Lush for  $19.45 and you get 45g of product! This lasts an extremely long time especially if you're using it just for spot treatment. Grease Lighting is said to cleanse and soften upset skin with gentle herbal infusion of thyme, tea tree and rosemary. It's a super effective spot cleansing gel with a calming blend of organic aloe vera gel and grape juice which soothes and calms irritated skin.

Has Grease Lighting been an absolute blessing to your skin? Or do you prefer a different product? Let me know!

As a warning PLEASE don't let your pets get ahold of this product as it is extremely poisonous to them and can result in death!

OLYMPIA | NARS Contour Palette


Hey kittens!

This little duo has been my go-to for a little while now and I am pretty fond of it. It's the NARS Contour palette in Olympia which is the lighter shades of the two available, it comes with a contour and a highlight.

NARS has got to be one of my favourite brands because of their packaging, I love the matte look and feel of it! It's sleek and stylish and looks good in any makeup bag.

So here are the shades! The contour is pretty much the perfect shade for my skin, it looks flawless and blends really well and actually creates a very nice and subtle contour. The highlight however I'm not too keen on. I do still use it every time that I use the contour but the highlight is a matte finish so I'm not too sure I would call it a highlight. My skin is basically that colour or close so it doesn't do much for me except maybe make my skin look more flawless where it's applied.

Here are some (regrettably not too clear) photos of swatches. You can really tell here that the contour has a rosy hue to it which is really pleasant and you can see the highlight is a really matte almost white shade which does look super white on my arm but I can assure you it's not that intense when applied to the face!

What's your favourite contour palette?
Hey kittens!

Finally I am sharing the last item that LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs had so kindly sent me. This is one of their lipsticks from the Apocalipstick line called Calabaza which is a type of West Indian pumpkin.

Here is the absolutely beautiful lipstick and as you can see it is darker than an actual pumpkin but as it is described on the website it is a roasted pumpkin orange which I would say is pretty accurate.

Just like the other lipsticks in the Apocalipstick line the lipstick is in a matte black bullet shaped container which really gives a post apocalyptic alternative feel to the makeup line!

Here is a imperfect swatch over on my lips, no lip liner at all just a quick swipe of the lipstick. As you can see it is extremely opaque which is just lovely. It goes on quite smoothly which makes for an easy and quick application.

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs never fails to amaze me and I can't wait to collect their entire collection eventually! All of their products are 100% VEGAN, TALC FREE, AND CRUELTY FREE!

You can find the lipstick HERE for $15.00!

OPI | Matte Top Coat


Hey kittens!
I want to share with you one of my absolute favourite top coats that I basically use on top of any nail polish that I wear. It's the O.P.I Matte Top Coat and it flawlessly turns any nail finish into a matte finish! It goes on clear and dries to a perfect matte finish.

I love the look of the bottle because it is matte which looks nice and is easily spottable amongst your nail polish collection. I purchased this from Sally Beauty for $9.99 (HERE) a few years back and I still have quite a bit left so that's pretty impressive. I definitely recommend it because although I haven't tried any other matte top coat this one definitely doesn't lack anything so there isn't any reason not to recommend it!

Do you rock matte top coat? What's your favourite brand of matte top coat? Let me know in the comments below!