CCHHAA-CHINNGG | Casino Dress Code


Hey kittens!

What exactly would you wear to a casino? Whether you're a man or woman I am here to help you out! Since you'll be spending money you will want to look the part, but you also want to be practical and comfortable because there is going to be a lot of people there and it can get crowded, hot and you might be standing a lot. I am here to help you out and point you in the right direction!

Personally, I like to keep it classy and think that is the way to go. For women a little black dress is always a good outfit choice, just make sure it isn't too short on you. It looks stylish and can be dressed up or down depending on what you are comfortable with and how classy the casino is. A nice pair of slacks and blouse is a good choice too if you don't want to be too showy. For men you can be as simple as a nice pair of jeans and a good fitting t-shirt. If that is too casual for you then you can choose to wear a suit or meet somewhere in the middle and wear dress pants with a button up shirt. Runners are never cute when you are trying to dress up so put on your best dress shoe and you'll look the part.

Accessories are important, you will not want to have anything too bulky on you because it takes up a lot of space. Opt for a small side purse or clutch instead of a large purse, it will be less bulky and you can make sure it never leaves your side and you'll have little worries about people trying to touch it. There most likely won't be anywhere to place the purse or a jacket. Plan ahead, if you know that you are going to the casino don't bring your winter jacket in, you won't need it and there might not be anywhere to put it and you don't want to be carrying it around. Men may choose to wear a fancy watch and jewelry never hurts on a woman.

I hope this helps you out and gets you on the path to looking good and dressing for the casino! If this is too much for you there are always online casino games where you can play comfortably in your PJ's from home!

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