REFRESHING | Neutragena Toner


Hey kittens! I want to share with you one of my favourite toners, the Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner.

Now this toner is one of my favourites because it sells for a good price, $9.98, but also because it doesn't dry out my skin. Although my skin is oily in the T zone it's also dry on my cheeks and they can be pretty sensitive. I like products that I can use on my whole face and it keeps it feeling nice and since this toner is alcohol-free it does just that.

This does a really good job of getting all the extra dirt and grime that my cleanser might have missed. It also really refreshes my skin which feels amazing.

If you don't use toner or have never tried it then I suggest you do! I apply mine with cotton rounds and dispose of them after. I guarantee that you will notice a difference with your skin, plus it shrinks pores and balances your skins pH levels!

You definitely don't have to apply a moisturizer after this as it is alcohol-free but you can. It is definitely a basic toner but it does the job for an awesome price and smells good!

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