HOT CHOCOLATE VIBES | Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula


Hey kittens!

The lovely Palmer's was kind enough to contact me and ask if I wanted to sample some of their products. Since I am in Canada and it is winter dry skin is an issue so I said yes, and I am honestly so happy I did. Apparently they're a well known brand but I had never heard from them before!

They sent me three items from their Cocoa Butter Formula line and I am so impressed, they sent me their Body Lotion, Moisturizing Body Oil, and Soothing Oil for Itchy Skin. First of all they make you smell like delicious hot chocolate thanks to the cocoa butter, and on top of it they actually make your skin incredibly soft which is something that I rarely find.

The body lotion has got to be my absolute favourite product now. It takes a lot to really hydrate my skin and this does it, almost instantly too. It's definitely worth trying out, it also smells absolutely amazing like I said before! I find with some lotions I have tried that they don't last a long time but this does last me all day and keeps my legs looking amazing. It also isn't greasy at all and works into your skin.

Rich, luxurious Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula daily body lotion provides deep hydration all over. This velvety soft formula absorbs quickly, creating a protective barrier that locks in moisture. From normal to dry to eczema prone skin, this emollient rich lotion effectively heals and softens, leaving skin smooth, supple and beautiful.

It says that you can use it in the bath or after the shower which makes sense because it basically just runs off in the shower but it is surprisingly nice for shaving your legs with and leaves them feeling pretty soft after too. I haven't used it in a bath yet but I will be! 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil, enriched with Vitamin E, is a fast absorbing, lightly scented body oil that helps moisturize and soothe rough, dry skin without greasiness.  May be applied after shower or bath or poured directly into the bath.  Features a flip top cap for easy application.

This is basically an oil and it squirts out the top and then you rub it in. At first it smells like cocoa butter but to me it has more of a Play-Dough smell, which I do still enjoy because it reminds me of my childhood. I have super itchy legs and this definitely does subside the feeling quite a bit, but not fully. I'd assume it matters how dry and itchy your skin is at the time for how much it could help.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula For Dry, Itchy Skin Soothing Oil is uniquely formulated to soothe, moisturize and soften the dry, itchy skin associated with pregnancy. The unique combination of Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Collagen, and Elastin soothes and softens skin naturally, while maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. The addition of Lecithin delivers further softening and smoothing effects. Convenient pump spray. Dermatologically Tested.

Overall I am so impressed with these products. They are definitely not something I ever would have tried if I had seen them in the store just because the product containers look very pharmacy and not luxury. I'm definitely going to try more of their products like their hair removal products. The smell is absolutely delicious and that alone is reason enough for me to try it!

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