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Hey kittens!

I want to share with you today a pretty cool product called Wojo. Wojo is little capsules of liquid supplement that you can add to any beverage that helps give you a boost of whatever you need, be it energy, focus, calm etc.

Wojo was kind enough to send me three of their supplements being focus, energy and calm. I love the bright colours of the packaging that they come in, it really adds to the feel of what the supplements should do for you. I really love that the packages look like gum packages because it makes it less noticeable and they fit almost anywhere. In each pack there are five capsules of supplement, you can take two a day but do not exceed that amount.

On the back of the packages you can see all the different kinds of supplements that they have to offer. It also tells you that they are sugar and gluten free as well as there are no added sweeteners, flavours, or colours.

I had tried the supplement in water and it had almost no taste, although the little it did I wasn't too fond of. I definitely suggest putting it into something with flavour, even flavoured water. I tried the energy supplement and I do believe it actually worked. I did feel like I had more energy and I was more efficient that day!

You can purchase Wojo at and read more about it!

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