CHISELED | Lunatick Cosmetics Contour Palette


Hey kittens!

Today I am sharing the absolutely amazing LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Contour Palette. They were so kind and sent this to me for review along with a couple other products which you'll see over the month and trust me, they're all equally as amazing.

Lets talk about the outside of this palette. It reminds me of the Necronomicon with the eyeball peering out. It looks spooky and definitely looks like it holds a lot of power and let me tell you, it does! Everything on the front except the purple, is shiny so it reflects light really nicely.

I'm going to say right away that it does have a bit of a steep price point at first glance at $74 but if you consider all of its possibilities not to mention the pure quality of it, it's actually a pretty good deal. You get 12 contour colours that also double as eyeshadow colours or basically anywhere you would normally use powder.

Here are the beautiful shades that are inside the palette. The colours from left to right are Dark Cool, Medium Cool, Light Cool, White, Pink, Beige Pink, Medium Pink, Light Pink, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Cream Yellow. The back of the packaging does tell you the colours and the names but not in order which is odd.

So here are the contour shades on my skin, as you can see they can be as light or as dark as you want depending on how much you lay on. They are silk powder formulas and are infused with ultra fine silica powder which means you will have a HD finish!

Here is the lovely Lucipurr posing with products as usual!
Overall I am super impressed with this palette and it is something you can use on your entire face so for the price it's awesome. Everything blends amazingly and you can make it as opaque as you'd like!
You can get the palette here at


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