NEW YEARS | 2016 New Years Resolution


Hey kittens!

Happy New Years to everyone, and wow, do I have a lot of plans to share with you for this year! This year we are going to start off with a giveaway that will be announced on January 1st which I hope you will all enjoy!

My New Years resolution for the blog is to have a post everyday of the week and to rebrand myself, as you can see we have a new look. As for Youtube I am working on redoing all of my thumbnails so that they appeal to people! As for Instagram I want to post once a day as well, to correspond with the blog posts going up.

My personal New Years resolution is to work harder and push myself to keep at blogging and Youtubing and making more connections and working with new brands this year!

I'm curious to what every else's New Years resolutions are for this year, let me know down below in the comments!

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