SHARPEN YOUR DAGGERS | Picture Plurfect Nails


Hey kittens!

I have always been a fan of stiletto nails and recently a lovely lady, who's Etsy shop is Picture Plurfect Nails, was kind enough to send on over some for me to try out! She has so many different styles and colour options, she will also do custom ones if you ask nicely!

She had so many amazing options but I just had to go with these Louboutin look alike nails since how couldn't I? They're absolutely fabulous!

These specific nails are called the Louboutin Inspired Nails and sell for $16.49! You have the choice of sending her your specific nail sizes for each nail or you can just get 20 of the sizes 0-9. You always have the choice of matte black or glossy black and whether you want nail glue included!

I will definitely be purchasing nails more because I miss having long nails and this is a fairly inexpensive way to keep you lookin' fancy because they are reusable!

If you use the code NAILIEN you get 20% off your nail purchase!

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