OIL NO MORE | Live Fresh Organic Oil Absorbing Papers


Hey kittens!

So today I have some pretty amazing oil absorbing papers, or as I call them, blotting papers to share with you today. They are from a company called Live Fresh Organic and they were kind enough to sponsor me to write this post through Tomoson

Honestly, I am so impressed with these papers. I have a pretty oily face, especially my forehead, and these papers literally soak it all up. Live Fresh Organic believes in being eco-friendly, natural, and healthy so these papers are made from 100% abaca leaf fibers!

There are 100 sheets inside a packet of the papers, as you can see on the front of the packaging. The packaging is bigger than some blotting papers I've seen but that's only because they're chose to not fold the papers in half, so they're about the same size as a normal paper.

TIP: Don't take them all out of the package. They're very thin and delicate which makes it tricky to get them back inside!

Overall I am extremely happy with the papers and so happy they sent me two packages of them so I will be set for awhile! I'll definitely be purchasing because they are honestly the best papers I have tried yet. I also really enjoy that the company is eco-friendly and that is important to me! 100% Organic and they also offer 30 days money back!

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  1. I often use these wipes in the summer when the skin starts to shine, I just wipe it from the fat in the skin