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Hey kittens!

So I have a shop to show you that has some of the most stunning yet simplistic jewellery that I have ever seen. I am literally in awe and have some new favourite pieces that can really be dressed up or dressed down! 

The shop is ByIzabela and she hand makes jewellery out of polymer clay! 

So here are the packages! The jewellery is in the red and purple box and the care instructions are in the cute envelope. I love the personalized stickers she uses!

She wrote me a wonderful little note which I really appreciate. She also gave me business cards which I love!

She supplies you with care instructions to ensure that the jewellery stays in the best condition!

So here is the lovely jewellery that she sent me! I chose the set of a necklace and ring and not the earrings because I have large holes in my ears and that just simply won't work haha! 

The back of the necklace has a closure like this which I actually really like because I find them much easier to twist close instead of struggling to keep a clasp open and get a loop through it!

So here you can see how the jewellery is actually made. It's two pieces of polymer clay glued together with the string through each piece and beads between it to keep the pieces in place.

Here's another photo of the front, I love the sleek look of the matte black and how smooth the pieces are.

She has so many more pieces to offer at such an affordable price it's hard not to pass up! Please check out her items she has for sale!

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