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Hey kittens!

I have a super lovely haul to share with you today and it is one of my absolute favourite brands of eyelashes and that is House of Lashes! I have been a huge fan of them for a few years now and I finally made another purchase which I am thrilled about. So keep reading and see which lashes I chose!

Okay, so here is the absolutely adorable box they came in, I really enjoy that it looks like a plain shipping box on the outside, but that the inside is beautiful and really just adds to how lovely the company is!

This time I didn't get any more of the eyelash cases but I still had them from last time I made a purchase so of course I had to add them into the photo shoot! #LashGameStrong

Alright, so first up I had to get a three pack of my all time favourite lashes, Pixie Luxe, from the Premium Luxe collection! They sell for $12 a set or $30 for three!

Next up I decided on a three pack of Feline which are another one of my absolute favourites, hence why I just had to get the three pack! They are from the Glam collection and sell for $7.00 for one pair or $27.00 $18.00 for the three pack, which is an amazing deal!

There beauties are in the Glam collection as well and they are called Tigress! They go for $9.00 and will have you looking like a kitten to the queen of the jungle!

Last, but absolutely not least, are these lashes called Boudoir and are in the Premium Luxe collection! They are apparently new to House of Lashes!

I hope you all enjoyed this haul and will check out House of Lashes because they are super durable and reusable! As I said they are a favourite brand of mine and I'll keep on purchasing from them!

Accidental kitten photo bomb, but who doesn't like kittens and lashes!

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