ON FLEEK | The Importance of Some Good Eyebrows

Hey kittens!

So something that's definitely on trend right now and has been for awhile is EYEBROWS! Why shouldn't they be though, they're so important. They're one of the few features on your face that you can easily change, but you want to make sure you're doing it right! Here's a little diagram of how eyebrows should be sitting on your face!

As you can see the head of your eyebrow should be vertical with the corner of your eye, the arch should be on an angle from your nose to the middle of your eye, and the tail of your eyebrow should be on an angle from the corner of your eye.

Now eyebrows aren't just as simple as an arch! There are suggestions of how your eyebrows should look with your face shape! This is of course a suggestion and not a rule. If you don't like the shape that has been suggested you can always try any other shape!

Here's a few different types of eyebrows that you may like! I really enjoy this diagram because they give you options in thick, medium, and thin. As I am sure you've noticed the "Attractive Natural" is currently on trend and the "Dramatic thin" used to be but remember, you never have to follow trends!

Don't worry! If you do mess up they grow back, it just might take some time. However if you don't feel confident enough to do your own eyebrows consider going to a professional! Check out if you're in the UK area. This website does the searching for you and tells you the services they provide and the prices which is super nice and convenient and makes it really easy to book exactly what you want!

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