Hey kittens!

So today I have a couple things to show you from the Etsy shop 1AEON! I love shops that are independent and at 1AEON everything is designed and printed by Gabe Molnar, the creator.

He was oh so kind enough to send me a cute surprise package and I absolutely love what was inside!

Everything on the shirt is hand screened which means that it will not peel like a heat transfer making the print last longer! I enjoy that even the "tag" is screen printed instead of a usual tag which is annoying and tends to tickle your neck!

This print in particular features a ton of palms and then in the center a palm with lines across it and with an all seeing eye. This tank is a one of a kind but there are many more awesome shirts on his Etsy. I really love this print because I do love the occult and palm reading is something that really interests me.

He also sent me a thong which honestly is so cute, I love the eyeball on it. TMI time but I love underwear with graphics on it, especially creepy cute things like eyeballs! The red is really nice and goes with the white and black graphic nicely! The graphic is called Illuminati Eyeball and it costs $20.13 CAN.

Please check out his Etsy shop and support independent creators! 

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