BELL TOWER | 3D Paper Bats from Heidies Hubbub


Hey kittens!

Okay so I basically have the coolest thing to show you all today, 3D paper bats! They're from a shop called Heidies Hubbub and she sells 3D wall art! Now, you may or may not know that I am obsessed with bats so nothing makes me happier than being able to put 50 bats on my bedroom walls!

So in the package there was the 50 paper bats and an absolutely adorable thank you card! I seriously love those, they make the package so personalized!

The bats have little adhesive foam pads on the back of them. As you can see the bats are flat when they are shipped but since they are made from card stock you can fold their wings as you like to make them 3D. 

You can find the 50 bats on Heidi's shop HERE and they cost a super reasonable $33.58!

There are six different variations of bats that range in size which is super nice, I really enjoy that the shapes don't all look too "Batmany" since I'm really not a fan of people saying "Oh! You like Batman?" Not that I have anything against Batman, I just like bats more!

And since Heidi is such a sweet heart she has given me a coupon code for all my readers! The code is KITTENDOLL and gets you 10% off! 

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  1. Just in time for Halloween parties for decor!!

    Ursula aka Blueride Beauty