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Hey kittens!

I thought this may be a fun thing and a way to help you all get to know me better! I really love movies and watch them constantly, so I thought I would share with you my favourite movies.

1) House of 1000 Corpses
I absolutely love this movie, I really enjoy that it's from the perspective of the murderers instead of the victims are and of course it was written and directed by Rob Zombie!

2) The House Bunny
I really enjoy The House Bunny because she gets to live a fabulous life as a Playboy Bunny and helps some girls save their house. I just love that everyone thinks she's some dumb blonde and then in the end she's actually really smart and saves the day basically.

3) The Nightmare Before Christmas
Okay, lets be honest. Who doesn't like this movie? I had to include it because growing up I used to watch it constantly and I still do from time to time! It will always be a favourite just as the majority of Tim Burton films are for me!

4) Repo! The Genetic Opera
Seriously, if you haven't ever watched this movie I highly suggest you do. Paris Hilton is in it, so why wouldn't you want to? It's like a gothy musical about how a company in a post apocalyptic world sells organs and when you can't pay up they take them back!

5) Moulin Rouge
I love this movie so much. I used to get to watch it in my old drama class back in grade 9 and it was wonderful. It's a crazy and wonderful musical about LOVE! It has some really great songs and even more great feelings. I really recommend it, even if musicals aren't your thing!

I hope this helped you get to know me just a bit better and I hope you watch some of these movies if not all! They really are all my favourites and I could watch them all a million times over! What are your favourite movies and do we share any in common?

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