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Hey kittens!

I want to share a brand with you that I absolutely love. I have been a fan of Join The KVLT for a few years now and always admire their things! I have to things from them which are their pentagram leggings and their pentagram sunglasses and recently they've put out a lot of really cute things.

$36.00 - Goat Head Bikini Bottoms
A goat head with a pentagram printed onto the back of black bikini bottoms. Seriously, how cute are these? I am so in love with them. I have a soft spot for goats!

$32.00 - Pentagram Bikini Top
A white pentagram printed onto each side of the bikini. I love this top because it's simple enough but still super cute and stylish. I wish it had padding just because I do usually wear a pushup bra and like the illusion of them being bigger than they are but that's okay!

Do you guys have any favourites from them?

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