HEALING | Splendid Stones Rose Quartz Bracelet + Amethyst Cluster


Hey kittens!

Today I have to show you one of the most stunning bracelet I have ever seen and an absolutely lovely amethyst stone. They're both from a cute Etsy shop called Splendid Stones and they really are splendid!

Here is the bracelet, it's a rose quartz stone bracelet with freshwater pearls and gold beads on memory wire and retails for $34.44. This is definitely going to be a huge staple in my wardrobe not just because it's stunning but also because it fits my wrists perfectly. I have crazy small wrists and the fact that it is on memory wire makes it an amazing fit.

Rose quartz is known as the love stone and is used to raise self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth. It has strong loving energies and opens your heart chakra. Pearls enhance personal integrity and bring love energy as well.

This Amethyst crystal cluster is absolutely stunning and gives the room a great feel to it and retails for $11.92. It's a beautiful colour and shines when lights bounce off of it. It's great for using as a decoration. The stone has a lot of great qualities.

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone that helps in emotional, spiritual and physical ways and provides calm, balance, patience, and peace.

If you're interested in absolutely stunning jewellery and stones check out Splendid Stones and see what they have to offer!

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