SMOKY | Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette


Hey kittens!

I just wanted to have a quick chat about Urban Decay's new Naked Smoky Palette! When I first heard about it coming out I was a little excited, I won't lie! After seeing it however I feel like the colours aren't anything special. My first look was on Leesha's blog and after seeing it I'm not sure if I'm too interested.

The packaging is very beautiful and apparently quite different from the other packaging because it has magnetic closures instead of the clasps and the top of the packaging has a beautiful brown smoky design on it, similar style to the Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette which is actually a very nice change. I feel it definitely ups the quality. It would look beautiful sitting in makeup collections!

The palette contains 12 different eyeshadows. The first four are glittery shades, the next set of four are satin shades and then the last set are four are matte shades. The colours do look beautiful, I just feel that they're nothing we haven't seen before with Urban Decay.

It of course comes with a lovely double ended brush, something I really enjoy and makes it worth while for the price point. One end has a blender brush while the opposite has a pencil brush. The brush fibers themselves are brown to white in colour, the ferrules are are a lovely kind of green copper brown, and the handle is a light chocolate brown.

The palette comes out on June 8th apparently on Urban Decay's website and it's assumed that the price will be around $54. That's of course in America so for us Canadians expect a bit higher price as the palettes usually are for us, around $64.

Are you excited for this palette to come out? Are you Urban Decay Naked obsessed? I do already own the Naked Basics palette as well as the Naked 3 palette and I feel that gets my smoky colours out of the way pretty well. I think I'll have to go in store and check it out when it arrives!

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  1. From the looks on the model in the teaser ad, it looked too dark for me, but when I saw the palette, there are definitely shades I could wear. But are the shades unique, not really. I'll be passing on it though it looks like a pretty palette for those who need/want those shades

  2. I love the naked palettes. I have naked 3 and naked basics 1, I do like the look of smoky but not sure if I would buy it over the 1 or 2 xx

  3. These naked palettes are a must! I need this one :))

  4. I really like the look of this palette from what I have seen so far, it has a nice mixture of shades x

  5. It's pretty but I have to agree with you - there's nothing groundbreaking in it really!

    Jess xo

  6. I'm so exited about the new palette :D I'll definitely pick it up x

    Pink Frenzy

  7. I usually LOVE Urban Decay's palettes so I'm super excited about this new release! I'm obsessed with the Naked range too and I'm definitely going to be adding this palette to my collection when it comes out in the UK. Alice x