MATCHY MATCHY | Electric Green Eyeshadow


Hey kittens!

I wanted to share my MOTD from a few days ago! It was clearly inspired by the adorable bat sweater I was wearing that day. I thought the green was just gorgeous so I decided to make my eyes match!

I need to work on the quality of my photos to get the eyeshadows to show their true colours and not look transparent because they really weren't! As you can see I used a few different greens to create dimension. I used a few from an extremely old E.L.F. palette, and then the bottom liner was a green from Sugarpill. You can see it in the photos below when I am looking up.

As usual, I hate the gel liner I have. It never creates the kind of wing I would like and appears chunky to me! I have bought a new liquid liner thankfully so my liner will be on fleek again!

I was really happy with how this look turned out. I am getting back into my dramatic makeup looks instead of just my plain winged liner look!

I hope you enjoyed this! If you have any suggestions of looks you'd like me to do in the future I will gladly consider them!

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