FEELIN' SUMMER | Artistic Outland Clothing


Hey kittens!

Today I am sharing with you an Etsy shop called Artistic Outland Clothing! I am so excited to share with you because I absolutely love this shop and she sells the cutest things and the owner is wonderful as well!

The necklace is a 13" "Opal" on a tan suede fabric. The suede feels really nice around your neck and the opal isn't heavy so it's very comfortable all around. You can find a similar necklace HERE.

The top is a black crochet made from acrylic yarn. You have the option of cup size up to a D cup and nine different colours to choose from! It's so soft and even though it's a crop top the fabric makes it feel comforting and warm which I really enjoy! You can find the same top HERE.

To see a better and more indepth review please click the link and watch my Youtube video on it! http://youtu.be/asBvMtzwUVA


  1. Love the necklace, love that it has a suede band, very different! www.yummomummo.blogspot.com

  2. Love the necklace! So pretty!!!